KSI In Talks With WWE About Money In The Bank Appearance

KSI In Talks With WWE About Money In The Bank Appearance

There was a chance we could’ve seen KSI get involved with WWE once again this past July, but it didn’t pan out. 

We’ve seen KSI involved in WWE once before when he came out dressed as a PRIME bottle mascot with Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39 this year. KSI was ringside for Logan’s match against Seth Rollins, and eventually got in on the action when he revealed it was indeed him under the mascot costume. He tried to help Logan get an advantage in the match, but ended up being put through the announcers table by accident by his PRIME business partner. 

Logan Paul then wrestled in the Money In The Bank match on July 1st in London, England. KSI was there watching as a supporter of Logan, but he now revealed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani that he was in talks to possibly be in on the action again. 

KSI In Talks With WWE

Ariel brought up Logan’s match at SummerSlam this past Saturday, and asked if KSI watched, which he replied; Yes, I did [see Logan Paul’s match.] He’s insane. I was talking to him. I was like, ‘Bro, that DDT, you back-flipping onto him and then DDTing him was insane.’ The whole match was top-tier. Literally one of the best matches I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen a lot of WWE. He’s just insane. He’s sick, man. He’s very, very dope,”

Then, when asked about watching Logan in the Money In The Bank match, KSI revealed he was indeed in talks to make an appearance. He stated; “We had a few ideas, but we decided it wasn’t gonna work. So we just left it, and I just decided to watch since I was in England. Yeah, it was sick,”

KSI went on to praise the WWE crowd and atmosphere, laughing about Logan getting hate even when he did something cool; “The crowd was crazy. There were times where Logan would do something cool, and then the audience would chant, ‘You still suck. You still suck.’ Even after he did something super dope. They were just calling him a wanker, all in unison. ‘Wanker, wanker.’ Yeah, he just fits wrestling so well,”

KSI continued by praising Logan, saying that no other YouTube star could do what Logan does so seamlessly. “I’m just like, what other YouTuber could do that so seamlessly? He puts his body through hell. It’s not easy. But I respect it. I would never do it myself, no chance, but I fully respect it,”

Now, it was revealed today that Logan Paul will return to boxing against Dillon Danis on October 14th for the Misfits PRIME Card, which is headlined by KSI vs. Tommy Fury in Manchester, England, making this the first time KSI and Logan are on a card together since they fought each other. 

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By: Brady Alexander

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