Jey Uso’s Enforcer: Solo Sikoa

Jey Uso’s Enforcer: Solo Sikoa

Jey Uso’s Enforcer. Roman Reigns is the head of the table and the tribal chief of the Bloodline in WWE. A faction consisting of himself and his cousins Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa all flanked by their advocate, Paul Heyman. Roman Reigns is also the current WWE Universal Champion while the Usos are the undisputed Tag Team Champions. They’re unstoppable.

But, like most families do, there’s a lot of fighting amongst theirselves. Currently, on WWE TV, things seem to be going better for the Bloodline as they head into WrestleMania, but again, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Mainly because Roman Reigns and Jey Uso have really but-heads. 

It all started back in 2020 when Roman Reigns was the Universal Champion. Jimmy Uso was out of action with a knee injury and Jey Uso was all alone. He went to Roman for guidance but it seemed like Roman was playing head games with his cousin. Roman told Jey that Jimmy would be able to do things on his own, and now it’s Jey’s time. It was then that Jey Uso was put in a number one contenders match for Roman’s title and he ended up winning, earning himself a shot at the Universal Championship. Main event Jey Uso was born.

Roman Reigns continued to parade around saying that he was the head of the table and the one who provides for the entire family. But, Jey wanted to be the provider now. Big shoes to fill, but he thought he could do it. Now out of the shadow of his twin brother, Jey Uso felt more confident than ever, but it didn’t sit right with Reigns. Suddenly the spiral began. Roman started talking down to his cousin and things got so heated, Roman even laid Jey Uso out cold in warning that he would not take away his championship.

Jey Uso’s Enforcer

At the 2020 Clash Of Champions Pay-Per-View, Jey Uso had his shot at the gold. He had a valiant effort, but it just wasn’t enough and Roman Reigns retained his Universal Championship. Jey refused to acknowledge his cousin and Roman took it personally, beating him down more viciously than before. Jimmy Uso then returned to save his brother, but he didn’t step up to Roman. Instead, he played both sides and Acknowledged Roman as the leader, while also being his brother’s keeper.

Paul Heyman declared Roman Reigns as the tribal chief and while Jimmy acknowledged him, Jey still didn’t. So, Roman took matters into his own hands and looked to embarrass Jey Uso more and beat the acknowledgment out of him. Reigns gave his cousin another shot at his title but this time, it was inside of a Hell In The Cell as the self-titled Pay-Per-View. And, to make matters worse, it was set as an “I Quit” match. 

On the lead-up to the show, Roman was still trying to play mind games. He gave Jey a chair and told him that if he hit him with it, he didn’t love him. Uso had enough and snapped, he attacked Roman with the chair and this caused more fire in the eyes of Roman Reigns. Now, he was going to beat him worse than he originally planned. In the I Quit match, both men went to war. Jey refused to quit as Roman beat the hell out of him with every weapon he possibly could and even threatened to smash steel steps on Jey’s head. Suddenly, Jimmy ran to his aid once again and covered up his brother while pleading for Roman to stop. But, Roman locked Jimmy in a Guillotine choke and wouldn’t let go until Jey said “I Quit.” To save his brother from being put to sleep, Jey said the words and Roman retained once again.

The mental frustration continued, even with Jey Uso saying that he hates his cousin. But, Roman threatened him that if he didn’t fall in line, he’d be kicked out of the family. The mental turmoil was too much for Jey to take and finally, he fell in line. Jey Uso was side by side with Roman now fighting for his cousin. Roman shaped Jey into his protection and gaslit him into a servant of sorts. Main Event Jey Uso now became the Tribal Chief’s pawn. 

Jimmy Uso finally made his full return from injury and he had a crossroads. Does he stand alongside his brother and cousin, or go on his own after all that Reigns put him and his brother through? Jimmy had a little bit of a conundrum, but of course, Roman Reigns started with the mind games saying that all Jimmy is doing is hurting his brother in the long run. As long as he stood in line behind the Head Of The Table, everything would be fine and the family could go on as one. Ultimately, Jimmy obliged and the three were together, now known as ‘The Bloodline.’

Over the next two years, The Usos won both the Raw and SmackDown tag team titles while Roman added the WWE Championship to his other shoulder. All three men were now double champs and the family looked as dominant as ever. At 2022’s Clash At The Castle Pay-Per-View, Roman Reigns had to defend his championships against Drew Mclntyre with the stipulation that The Usos couldn’t be at ringside to help their cousin. While facing his toughest challenge to date, Roman was all alone. Or was he?

Drew had Roman dead to rights in the middle of the ring after hitting his signature Claymore Kick. The ref had the count, but once he was about to hit three, someone wearing a dark hoodie pulled the referee out of the ring. The hoodie was pulled off to reveal Solo Sikoa, the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey Uso and at the time, was in WWE’s developmental system of NXT. Now, Solo was up on the main roster and if the twins couldn’t help their cousin, he would. Roman ended up retaining his championship against Drew and now, another family member was added to The Bloodline.

As if they weren’t already unstoppable, Solo Sikoa, known as the enforcer of the group, had joined the fray. Four men, all family, dominating the WWE. As time went on, we saw Sami Zayn, a fellow WWE superstar, want to get in on the action. You know how the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s what Sami tried to do. Sami spent weeks and weeks trying to convince The Bloodline that he was an honorary Uso until finally, they let him in. 

Sami Zayn proved himself to The Bloodline and now, The Honorary Uso was the sixth member of the group, (including Paul Heyman) and the faction got stronger and stronger. At first, Jey Uso was not on board with this decision. As everyone else gladly welcomed Sami into the family, Jey Uso did not. He wasn’t impressed and he wanted Sami to pull his weight more than he already was. Now, instead of someone fighting for Roman’s acknowledgment, Sami Zayn was fighting to get on Jey Uso’s good side. Jey didn’t like that Sami got Roman’s love nearly immediately while he had to go to war with his cousin in the past. 

While Jey didn’t like Zayn, the feeling was not mutual. Sami always stood up for Jey Uso. If Roman was ever angry at his cousin, Sami was the one to calm things down. He was trying his best to receive back the love that he gave to Jey and after the 2021 WarGames match where Sami won the match for The Bloodline, Jey finally felt like Sami pledged his allowance and now respected Sami Zayn, welcoming him with opened arms. Now, Jey and Sami really started to hit it off. More than best friends, the two started to become as close as brothers and when things started spiraling out of control with Zayn and Roman, Jey was now the one to stand up for Sami. 

Roman Reigns truly started to question Sami Zayn’s allegiance with The Bloodline when he defended his Championships against Sami’s former best friend Kevin Owens at the 2023 Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View. After Roman defeated Kevin Owens at the event, they handcuffed Kevin to the ring and demanded that if Sami was really on their side, he’d hit his former best friend Kevin Owens in the head with a chair unprotected. Instead, Sami hit Roman, showing that he wasn’t as loyal as once thought. The Bloodline attacked. They all beat down Sami Zayn except Jey Uso, who stood in the corner and eventually walked out on his family. 

The Sami Zayn saga was a mild bump in the road for The Bloodline but the story and focus ultimately came back to Jey Uso. For weeks following the Royal Rumble, Jey wouldn’t speak to his family, wouldn’t answer the phone for his own brother and when he was seen at events, it was sneaking around with Sami Zayn. Then on March 6, 2023, Jey’s intentions were known. Jimmy Uso went one on one with Sami Zayn in a match. Suddenly, Jey Uso arrived from the crowd and decided to watch the match. Sami ended up picking up the win and after it was all said and done, the attention was on Jey. Who does he side with? His brother from day one, or his newly found friend? 

Jey Uso bumped past his brother and hugged Zayn, making it known that he was going to stand side by side with Zayn and not take the abuse from Roman anymore. Or, that’s what he made it seem. Moments after the hug, Jey blindsided Sami, super kicking him in the face and allowing Jimmy to beat down his now former best friend. Jey Uso is still in The Bloodline. Though he made his intentions known that night, Roman Reigns still questions Jey Uso even still as of the time of this writing. Should Reigns be worried? I think so. 

Since day one, the power struggle between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns was ongoing. There were bumps in the road such as Sami Zayn, which served a diversion from the real story of cousin vs. cousin. And this is where Solo comes in to play. Jey Uso couldn’t stop Roman by himself. Even when Jimmy Uso slightly got involved, he got put to sleep by the Tribal Chief. Jey felt helpless. He fell in line and watched as Roman beat everyone who stepped in his way, even helping Roman do so. 

But, why would he help the man who he once said he hated? Well, he wants to be the one to beat him. When the Usos were banned from ringside and the thought of Drew possibly being the one to defeat the dominant champion, Jey Uso called upon his younger brother Solo to do the job for him and help Reigns once again. Roman then deemed Solo the enforcer of the group, but that’s where he’s wrong. Solo Sikoa is the enforcer, but not for The Bloodline. Solo is the enforcer for his older brother Jey Uso to make sure no man beats Roman before Jey can. Kevin Owens, beat up by Solo. Sami Zayn, beat up by Solo. Drew tried to come back and have Sheamus by his side, but Solo took care of them. 

Even up to this past Monday’s RAW, Solo Sikoa tried to take out Roman’s WrestleMania opponent Cody Rhodes until Roman put a stop to it. Slightly, for one moment, Solo almost didn’t listen to Roman and it caused a confused look on Reigns face, making him have to tell Solo twice. This is because Solo doesn’t answer to Roman, he answers to Jey. But, he had to realize that one wrong move could ruin Jey’s ultimate plan of finally getting his revenge on Roman Reigns from three years ago. 

The infighting between The Bloodline is bound to explode eventually and when that comes, I believe Jey Uso’s enforcer, Solo Sikoa, will be the man behind the chaos and one day, possibly soon, Solo will lead his older brother Jey to finally do the one thing he set out to do three years ago. Be the one to provide for his family by taking out the biggest dog in the yard, his own cousin, Roman Reigns.

By: Brady Alexander

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