IYO Sky Faction Coming To WWE?

IYO Sky Faction Coming To WWE?

IYO Sky picked up the victory at WWE Crown Jewel today over Bianca Belair to stain her Women’s Championship. While her Damage CTRL partner Bayley did help out, it was the returning Kairi Sane who really made an impact.

IYO Sky To Lead A Faction?

Following the shocking return of Kairi Sane, her and IYO Sky beat down Bianca Belair post match while Bayley watched from ringside. After the chaos ended, Reddit user KERRMIT, who’s known to get correct inside information, said that two more people are coming to join IYO and Kairi. They posted “Another friend will join Sane & Sky, plus another that no one will see coming, not even their closest ally.” Following the post, Fightful Select updated reiterating the report.

With possibly two more people joining the new team, people have speculated that Asuka and NXT’s Meiko Satomura could be the partners, or a possibly returning Sarray (Sareee) or Saha Banks (Mercedes Monè). Whether it’s who the fans speculate or not, questions still loom about the future of Damage CTRL and what this means for Bayley and Dakota Kai. Only time will tell, and possibly we will see on Friday’s SmackDown.

From: Brady Alexander

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