GCW Announces First Four Entrants For NGI 8

GCW Announces First Four Entrants For NGI 8

GCW’s Nick Gage Invitational is back with the 8th edition of the DeathMatch Tournament. The event will take place Saturday, December 30th live from The Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now, GCW has announced the first four entrants for the tournament and some big foreign names are looking to make a splash in America.

NGI 8 Competitors Announced

The first entrant announced was Risa Sera. She is a freelance pro-wrestler from Japan who has worked in such promotions as STARDOM, GLEAT, BJW, Prominence and many more. Risa is a versatile wrestler who can go in a normal match, but turn on her violent side and become a DeathMatch Monster. Rise has recently worked in America under the Kitsune Gong! and Sukeban promotions. But, this will be her American Deathatch debut.

The second entrant in the tournament is Daiju Wakamatsu. He is also a Japanese native who is a freelancer, but often works in the BJW promotion doing the DeathMatch style. Daiju will be making his American Pro-Wrestling debut come December for the NGI 8. Already, Many fans have picked him as a favorite to win the entire tournament. He’s looking to prove them right come December 30th.

The third entrant is Emersyn Jayne. She is from Glasgow, Scotland, UK and is also a freelancer who frequently wrestles in EVE and OTT, but recently, as of this week, made her IMPACT Wrestling debut during IMPACT’s UK Invasion tour. She has yet to wrestle in the United States, so NGI 8 will be her American debut as well. Though, this won’t be her GCW debut, as she wrestled against Rina Yamashita for the GCW Ultraviolent Championship at the TNT Extreme Wrestling and GCW joint show in Liverpool last month.

Entrant Four is Jacob Fatu. A man who is absolutely no stranger to Game Changer Wrestling, but this will be his first DeathMatch tournament with the promotion. Fatu is a force to be reckoned with. The big Samoan brings his heavy hitting style to the ring every time, but mixing that in with the plunder used in a DeathMatch and Jacob Fatu could be the most dangerous man in the whole tournament!

We will continue to update as more competitors are announced. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 26th at 11A ET.

NGI 8 Entrants

  1. Risa Sera
  2. Daiju Wakamatsu
  3. Emersyn Jayne
  4. Jacob Fatu

From: Brady Alexander

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