Exclusive: CM Punk Emotional Over Multiple AEW Stars Sticking Up For Him

Exclusive: CM Punk Emotional Over Multiple AEW Stars Sticking Up For Him

Over the past few days, since Sunday’s AEW All In Pay-Per-View, several news stories have popped up about CM Punk and Jack Perry getting into an altercation backstage prior to Jack’s Zero-Hour match and right before CM Punk’s PPV opener.

CM Punk Emotional Over AEW Stars Sticking Up For Him

While there are many different stories of what really took place, Tony Khan did confirm on the post-show media scrum that an altercation did indeed take place, but it is under investigation and that’s all he could say. Now, NoSmokeSport has learned that following the altercation, CM Punk was very emotional in his locker room, visibly tearing up over multiple AEW stars including Powerhouse Hobbs and House of Black willing to step up for him and jump in to fight Perry if need be.

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CM Punk was touched by this and emotional that some guys would stick up for him. While it has been reported that CM Punk and Jack Perry have been suspended for their altercation, there’s no official news, with reports even saying that Punk was still not directly told he’s been suspended.

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AEW All Out is in Chicago this upcoming Sunday, which is the hometown of CM Punk, but it’s unlikely he will be on the show. We will continue to update with further information when applicable.

By: Brady Alexander

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