Bryan Danielson Heads AEW Committee That Fired CM Punk

Bryan Danielson Heads AEW Committee That Fired CM Punk

Bryan Danielson is a part of the AEW roster in a wrestling capacity. But, when he’s not in the ring being one of the best in the world, he’s also helping talent backstage, training and also apart of the disciplinary committee. 

CM Punk Fired From AEW

CM Punk was let go from AEW earlier this summer before making a shocking return to WWE this past Saturday night. Many things led to CM Punk’s departure from AEW, including backstage fights with the likes of The Elite and Jungle Boy Jack Perry. Now, Fightful Select has reported that Bryan Danielson was actually one of the people heading the release of CM Punk. 

Fightful noted; Recently, Fightful revealed that a long rumored member of the committee, Megha Parekh, had actually stepped back from a lot of her duties as Chief Legal Officer by that time and actually had nothing to do with the committee. We’ve since learned that AEW General Counsel Chris Peck, who assumed many of her responsibilities, was a part of the three-person committee, along with an outside attorney. However, there was also one long-respected member of the AEW talent roster that was involved, in Bryan Danielson. When asking sources on the AEW roster about his inclusion, one called him an “appropriate moral compass who exemplifies objectivity” and said that he effectively headed up and was the face of the disciplinary committee. Danielson was said to have spoken to the roster when addressing them about Punk’s termination, and noted that the decision was a particularly hard one. He cited the positives that CM Punk brought and his longstanding friendship with Punk, but said that it was the decision that had to be made. 

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Bryan Danielson tweeted out following the CM Punk return “The right thing is often the hardest thing to do. It won’t always make the most money. It won’t always be the most popular. But it’s still the right thing.” Fightful revealed that Bryan actually said this to the AEW talent in a meeting following the Punk release. 

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Punk and Bryan have long been friends, and CM Punk is aware that Bryan was apart of the committee, with Fightful saying “Those that we spoke to said they believed CM Punk was aware by now that Danielson was a pair of said committee, as many of his friends were included in the meeting where Danielson addressed them.” 

CM Punk is now back in WWE, while Bryan Danielson is gearing up to compete in the AEW Continental Classic this week. 

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