Big E Gives Health Update Following Neck Injury

Big E Gives Health Update Following Neck Injury

On March 11, 2022, Big E was injured after landing on his head at ringside live on SmackDown. Though he didn’t suffer any ligament or spinal cord damage, he did fracture his C1 vertebrae and C6 vertebrae. Now, Big E has given a bit of an update on his status.

Big E Injury Update

Big E appeared on Busted Open Radio where he gave an update about potentially returning to the ring. “I wish I had more information for you. Right now, there is really no timeline. I’ve been to a few different doctors who have looked over my scans. I don’t have any issues, I feel great, but I broke my C1 in two different places, it’s called a Jefferson fracture and because of the nature of the fracture, it takes longer to heal. Initially, they told me three months. I thought three months and I would be back to wrestling, but things ended up being more complex. There are chances I might take with a broken forearm or finger. An ACL (injury), I’ve had before. I started wrestling when I was 23, and at the time, I was like, ‘If I die in the ring, doing what I love, so be it.’ I’m 37 now and you see life differently and you have other things to think about. I’m trying to make the best decision for myself and my health moving forward. I don’t have any answers,”

Big E went on to say that the support he’s received has made it easier for him getting through the recovery process. We wish Big E well in his road to recovery. While out, the former WWE Champion has continued to work on Our Heroes Rock with Andreas Hale and Jonathan Davenport. Fans can learn more about the project, and their short film “Bridges” by clicking here. 

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