5 Potential 2024 Main Roster Champions From WWE NXT 

5 Potential 2024 Main Roster Champions From WWE NXT 

WWE NXT is on a bit of a hot streak right now with talent coming up through the developmental scene with some big potential to be superstars on the main roster of WWE for RAW or SmackDown. Today, we take a look at five people who could be potential champions on the main roster this year. 

WWE NXT Future Main Roster Stars

Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes has yet to get an official call-up to the main roster despite being scene on SmackDown in recent weeks. He still competes on WWE NXT nearly weekly and has a match this Sunday at NXT’s Vengeance Day special. 

But, Carmelo Hayes has all the potential in the world to be the next big thing on the main roster. With the charisma, athleticism and skill that Hayes possesses, there’s a reason why his catchphrase is “I’m HIM!” Because, well, he is that guy. A former NXT Champion and North American Champion, it’s hard to not expect Carmelo to be a star on the SmackDown brand. With that stardom comes championship gold and I believe Hayes could very well be World Champion one day, but in 2024, I see the United States Championship in Carmelo Hayes future. Look out, Logan Paul. 

Trick Williams

Can’t say Carmelo Hayes name without saying Trick Williams, too. The duo have had some success as a team in NXT, and will compete together in a tag team match for the finals of Dusty Classic this Sunday, then, Trick will pull double duty and face Ilija Dragonov for the NXT Championship in the main event of the same show. 

But, despite looking for NXT gold this weekend, I believe Trick Williams has all the tools to be a champion on the main roster sometime in 2024. Though he’s not held gold in NXT just yet, it’s hard to deny the star-power that Trick Williams has right now. He’s the hot hand, he’s the fan favorite and everyone loves him. The crowd is behind him, chanting along with his theme song and catchphrase “whoop that trick”, his momentum is sky high at the moment.

Plus, standing over six foot tall and a stature that matches up to the top champions in WWE, I genuinely believe that if Trick Williams stays the course, we’re looking at a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion. My bold prediction for 2024 is that Trick Williams is coming for Seth Rollins’ World Championship. 

Bron Breakker

I believe everyone and their mother agrees that Bron Breakker is the next massive star in WWE. A generational talent from the famed Steiner family, jacked to the gills with the veracity of a Pitbull and the stature of a Bulldog, Bron Breakker was getting “next Brock Lesnar” vibes from many fans before he even really got started.

Now, we know exactly what he can do, and that description is quite accurate. With Brock currently being out of the company from pending legal issues, WWE may need a Lesnar type roll filled. Luckily for them, Bron Breakker is just the guy. This past Monday, it looked like general manager Nick Aldis alluded to Bron being on the Smackdown brand as soon as tonight. So, it may not be long until we see Breakker dominating the main roster.

As for gold, Roman Reigns or a Cody Rhodes better watch out, because whoever walks out of WrestleMania 40 as the Undisputed Champion, Bron Breakker is coming. Bron will be WWE Champion by years end. 

Tiffany Stratton 

It’s hard not to see the potential Tiffany Stratton has in NXT. She has the look, almost reminiscent to a Barbie doll, but when she steps into the ring, her athleticism is off the charts. The former gymnast can move around the ring like not many others can, and with no wrestling background before joining WWE NXT, it’s shocking how fast she’s picked this game up.

Tiffany Stratton has already been WWE NXT Women’s Champion very early in her career and it’s obvious to see that WWE knows the potential she has with how they’ve fast tracked her. That being said, Tiffany made her presence known in the 2024 Royal Rumble and it’s only a matter of time before she will be on the main roster. Maybe as soon as this month. And when she is, IYO Sky and Rhea Ripley better watch out. Whichever brand she’s on, whether it’s SkackDown or RAW, Tiffany Stratton will be Women’s Champion by mid-2024. 

Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend 

Yes, I know, technically this is six people, but counting a tag team is one, therefore, Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson as a tag team is my final pick here.

WWE’s main roster has NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships and despite the division slowly growing, depth is still needed. Well, there’s a pretty solid tag team down in NXT and that’s Jackson and Legend. These two ladies are fairly new to  the wrestling game, but they’ve picked it up pretty quickly as well. Despite Jakara currently having a wrist injury, she’s maintained a presence within the company and has kept her name out there.

Lash on the other hand has grown leaps and bounds just in the past year. She’s gotten much better than what she started as, and with a tag team partner by her side, it’s even better. As apart of the MetaFour with Noam Dar and Oro Mensa, I could see the ladies splitting off and making a name for themselves alone on the main roster and going after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships late in 2024.

Jakara surely has to make sure she’s 100% first, and then with a few more reps I think they could be future tag team champions on the main roster. 

Certainly; there’s some bold predictions here from me, but what do you think? Tell me who you think could be future stars in WWE and check out WWE NXT Vengeance Day this Sunday on Peacock. 

From: Brady Alexander 

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