Jordan Purkiss Prepared For ‘Hard Fight’ Against Ashley Lane

Jordan Purkiss is set to take on former Commonwealth champion Ashley Lane in a much-anticipated match at the Brentwood Centre on June 17th.

Jordan Purkiss vs Ashley Lane

In an interview with NoSmokeSport, Jordan Purkiss shared his thoughts on the domestic boxing scene and his upcoming fight. He believes that the lack of elite-level competition domestically has its pros and cons. While acknowledging that there are good fighters, he criticized them for taking easy fights. In contrast, Purkiss sees value in taking risks and engaging in hard fights as they offer better rewards.

Ashley Lane, a more experienced boxer and former Commonwealth champion, is considered by Purkiss to be one of those hard fights. Lane has been stopped in his last few appearances, and Purkiss is optimistic that he might be able to stop him as well. Without giving away his game plan, Purkiss mentioned that he will adapt his strategy depending on what Lane brings to the ring.

The young boxer expressed excitement about fighting in Brentwood, which is near his hometown. He expects a large turnout from the local community and his gym, which he believes will create an electrifying atmosphere.

Purkiss also spoke briefly about his stablemate, Ohara Davis, who is rumored to be in talks for a World Title fight next and Purkiss praised his strength and predicted that Davis would knock out his opponent within a few rounds.

By NoSmokeSport