Eddie Hearn Discusses AJ vs Whyte & More Upcoming Fights

Eddie Hearn Discusses Upcoming Fights

In this interview with NoSmokeSport, prominent boxing promoter Eddie Hearn expressed his enthusiasm and shared a number of updates about the upcoming fights in a recent exclusive interview. Discussing the fight between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte, as well as fights for Johnny Fisher, Jack Catterall, as well as his thoughts on Richard Riakporhe fighting Jai Opetaia in Australia, and Devin Haney vs Regis Prograis.

Hearn applauded Johnny Fisher for his dedication and progression, stating, “Johnny Fisher, when I was last at the gym, said that I showed faith in him when he had nothing… I always treat him a little bit differently because of my responsibility and the fans that he has are people I know, people I grew up with.” He also confirmed Fisher’s fight against Harry Armstrong.

When asked about the fight between Anthony Joshua (AJ) and Dillian Whyte, he responded, “It’s a massive fight for AJ, and their careers are really on the line in a fight. We know the history… it’s a massive moment for AJ and Dillian Whyte.”

The promoter also touched on the match between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall, which is yet to be confirmed. “I expect Jack to fight in October, and then we’d like to carry on those conversations to make the fight maybe in December or more likely in January,” he commented.

Eddie Hearn mentioned the possible fight between Devin Haney and Regis Prograis, asserting it would be a “massive coup for us.” He added, “Devin Haney’s contract was up with us; he took the deal with Top Rank. So to bring him back on a Matchroom show would be fantastic, and to deliver a big fight of Regis Prograis who recently signed with us… it’s a tremendous fight.”

He also acknowledged the plan to stage the Jai Opetaia vs Richard Riakporhe fight in Australia, expressing confidence that Matchroom could win the purse bid. “The plan is to take that fight to Queensland to make sure that Jai Opetaia can defend his world title in Australia,” he said.

Eddie Hearn concluded the interview on a high note, expressing his excitement for the upcoming events and emphasizing the high stakes involved.

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