Box Office EP 21: Heavyweight Uproar and This Weekend In Boxing

In a recent episode of Box Office, hosted by Lee Brown and Andrew Tokley from NoSmokeSport, the duo discussed several upcoming boxing matches and negotiations.

Noteworthy Box Office Topics and Latest Boxing News:

Munguia vs. Benavidez or Balanga: Munguia is in negotiations for a fight against Benavidez, but there is also talk about a match between Munguia and Berlanga as they are both associated with DAZN. Munguia’s promoter asserted that he would be the A-side in any fight except against Canelo.

Franco’s Retirement: Following a devastating loss, Joshua Franco announced his retirement from boxing due to health and mental issues. He had a successful career and made significant money from his fights.

Subriel Matias vs Shohjahon Ergashev: The fight has been ordered, but the division seems to be in a mess with multiple fights being scheduled and postponed. Matias was expected to fight Lipinets, but this might not happen.

AJ vs. Dillian Whyte: There are ongoing negotiations for a fight between AJ and Dillian Whyte. AJ has agreed to remove the rematch clause from the contract, signaling that he is interested in the fight.

Zhilei Zhang vs. Joe Joyce Rematch: A rematch between Zhilei Zhang and Joe Joyce has been scheduled for September 23rd. This fight is anticipated to be a tough contest, and Joyce is expected to come in heavier and better prepared to deal with Zhang’s southpaw stance.

WBC Minimum Weight Title Fight: PC has won the WBC minimum weight title in a brilliant fight against Tamako. The fight was extremely engaging and is available for free on the True For You YouTube channel.

Falcao vs. Gualtieri: Scheduled in Germany for the IBF Middleweight title. Falcao is favored to win.

Jared Anderson vs. Charles Martin: Anderson’s first step-up fight against the former champion Martin. Anderson is expected to win within four rounds.

In this episode, Lee and Tokkers also discuss the complexities and issues within boxing, particularly in the Heavyweight division, which seems to be stalling due to contractual and negotiation issues. Both men emphasized the importance of quality fights and expressed concern about the state of heavyweight boxing.

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By NoSmokeSport