UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series September 26, 2023 Results

UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series September 26, 2023 Results

UFC Dana White’s Contender Series week eight is here. Last week, Four contracts were awarded out of the four winners and one draw. Now, how many more will  we have tonight? 

Another great night of action in one of the most fun fight shows around, aside from one fight. Possibly the knockout of the season as well, with some great performances attached by the prospects. 

Dana White’s Contender Series Results

Vinicius de Oliveira def. Victor Madrigal via Knockout (Round One)

Oliveira’s counter striking was on display fast. Beautiful counters to nearly every strike Madrigal threw. Though, he was throwing very heavy and leaving himself opened for Madrigal to counter back. But, it didn’t matter in the end. A nasty counter left hand knocked Madrigal out cold. One and done in the first round. Vinicius de Oliveira was awarded a contract, congratulations!

Ernesta Kareckaite Def. Carli Judice via Split Decision (29-28 x3) 

Both women stood in the center and threw bombs to start off the fight. Judice was landing some clean elbows but Kareckaite was firing back, and both ladies were rocked at the end of round one. The second round was much like the first. Judice started to mix in some body kicks and knees, yet Kareckaite started to fire back with some great counter shots. She started landing some low kicks of her own and was finding success, having Judice backing up. Judice had locked up against the cage and was trying for a takedown, but was unsuccessful. As the round was coming to an end, both ladies threw hands back and forth until the bell. Judice came out early in the third and was landing some big elbows. Her corner was calling for more, but Kareckaite started to fire back. The pace was at a high the entire time and the back and forth competitiveness of this fight was showing. Neither woman was showing much fatigue and they continued to crack. Kareckaite started to walk Judice down, but just when you think Judice is out, she gets a takedown. They worked against the cage until Kareckaite was able to break free. With thirty seconds left, they both started to unload. Elbows, knees, lefts and fights, they fought until the final bell. 29-28, 29-28, 29-28, Ernesta Kareckaite wins via split decision. Dana White was impressed with both of them and awarded both Ernesta Kareckaite and Carli Judice congrats, congratulations!

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Danny Silva def. Angel Pacheco via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Silva came out the gate and dropped Pacheco immediately. Pacheco fought his way back to get up and shake off the cobwebs, but Silva continued with the forward pressure and kept forcing him back against the fence. But, Pacheco started to fight back and landed some nice combos, mixing up punches with elbows. Both men were trading and landing with bombs in the last five seconds but neither fell, and we see another round. They both came out slugging in round two. But, Silva was landing some clean body shots and it was causing Pacheco to noticeably slow down and  drop his hands. Silva landed a spinning elbow and was landing every single shot he threw. Pacheco was trying to fight back, and towards the end of the round, he was doing so! But, Silva got the takedown right as the round ended. Somehow, both men made it to the third round. But, Pacheco was low-blowed as the round was started to get off the ground. When the fight continued, Pacheco came out with a purpose. He was landing some body shots with punches and knees, but Silva was firing back too. Both insanely tough for not going down and continued to throw back and forth. This was just a brawl at this point. Pacheco’s ear ripped and was hanging off, Silva’s face was bloody, neither man wanted to give up and the fought until the final bell. Danny Silva gets the win by unanimous decision. Dana White awarded both of them contracts for the UFC. Danny Silva and Angel Pacheco, congratulations! 

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Mario Piazzon def. Alexander Soldatkin via Disqualification (illegal knee to the head)

Two big heavyweights going right at it. Early on, Piazzon gets a takedown and when Soldatkin tries to get back up, Piazzon took him right back down. Piazzon rode his back for nearly the entire first round. Not much action in the first, but, Soldatkin came out looking to strike. He was landing early and even landed a head kick, but Piazzon ate it and went back to the takedown attempts. He made the round much like the previous, but Piazzon did land some ground and pound to end the round. As the third round began, Soldatkin pushed Piazzon up against the cage and kneed him in the head. But, Piazzon was grounded and the ref jumped in. Due to the illegal strike, the fight was called off. Mario Piazzon wins by DQ. Dana White had no comment on the fight. Neither got a contract. 

Danny Barlow def. Raheam Forest via TKO (Round One)

Danny Barlow was not getting paid by the hour tonight. He came out pushing Forest back immediately. They traded some shots, but Barlow wobbled Forest and had him hurt. Forest tired to fight back, but was too overwhelmed. Barlow had him against the cage and unloaded a combo to the head and body, getting the win by TKO. Danny Barlow was awarded a contract, congratulations!

Six fighters were awarded a contract tonight including two who didn’t even win, but showed out in crazy fights. The first time in history twi people lost that were awarded contracts and the first time six people were awarded on this season. You can check out Dana White’s Contender Series every single Tuesday at 8PM ET on ESPN+. 

From: Brady Alexander

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