UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series September 19, 2023 Results

UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series September 19, 2023 Results

UFC Dana White’s Contender Series week seven is here. Last week, all five contracts were awarded for the five winners, making it a streak of everyone being awarded. Now with the streak back alive, can we keep it going tonight? 

Another great night of action in one of the most fun fight shows around. Lots of finishes and even the first Draw of the season took place tonight with some great performances attached by all the prospects. 

Dana White’s Contender Series Results

Igor da Silva def. Jhonata Silva via TKO (Punches, Round Two) 

The feeling out process was very apparent for the first two minutes of the fight. But, da Silva then shot in for a takedown and got it, controlling Jhonta on the ground for about a minute until they scrambled and got back up to the feet. da Silva was throwing some nice calf kicks and Jhonta was connecting with his jab as the round came to an end. Both men came out swinging as the second round began and da Silva landed a clean shot that dropped Jhonta. da Silva was immediately on the ground and pound, but Jhonta survived and got back up to his feet, surprisingly. They continued to trade shots and da Silva drops Jhonta again, and this time, he quickly finished it with some ground and pound. Igor da Silva was awarded a contract, congratulations! 

Kaynan Kruschewsky def. Dylan Mantello via Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Round One)

Both men came out to fight. While Mantello felt more loose and mixing up his shots, Kruschewsky was on point with his jab and was quickly busting Mantello up with it. Kruschewsky then went for the takedown, and eventually took Mantello’s back, locked in a rear naked choke and put him to sleep for the quick win. Kaynan Kruschewsky was awarded a contract, congratulations!

Stephanie Luciano vs. Talita Alencar ends via Draw (28-28 x3)

Luciano was in the face of Alencar immediately, but it was clear that Alencar wanted this fight on the ground, and she tried early. After a failed attempt, she tried again and got her down. But, Luciano was doing a good job at using up kicks to keep Alencar back and not let her settle. Luciano got against the cage and eventually used it to help herself get up. Alencar got another takedown just as the bell sounded to end the round. As the second round began, Alencar was determined to get another takedown. While she failed on the first attempt, she did get Luciano down on the second attempt and took the back. Eventually, Luciano reversed the position and was able to get up. Luciano landed a big right hand and had Alencar panic wrestling, she did get a takedown again, but right at the end of the round. Alencar was exhausted on the stool and visibly breathing heavy. As the third and final round began, Luciano was a train full force ahead throwing bombs. Alencar continued to panic wrestle but her exhaustion was getting the best of her and she was even struggling to get up after failing takedowns. Luciano was pouring it on. Head kicks, knees, uppercuts, but she couldn’t finish her as the bell sounded. With the last round seemingly being a 10-8, it was declared a draw. Stephanie Luciano was awarded a contract, congratulations! Talita Alencar, was not. 

Daniel Allen def. Jacobi Jones via Unanimous Decision. 

This started as a technical boxing match, but as time went on, Allen was throwing and landing some nice body kicks and mixing in the occasional leg kick. Allen was landing straight hands clean while Jones continued to try looping shots and was failing. The two wrestlers decided to have a clean kick boxing back and forth the entire first round. Right as the second round began, Jones was low blowed. As the fight returned, both men started throwing heavy shots and both were landing. And then they both threw kicks, and Jones was low blowed again. When he came back out, Jones went for a takedown but failed. Back to both throwing hands. Allen landed a beautiful right hook, but then Allen was kicked below the belt, and it stopped the action momentarily. They both traded back and forth until the round came to an end. As the third began, Jones tried to throw a high kick and slipped. Allen jumped on a takedown for a second, but they quickly got back up to the feet. Daniel Allen started to walk Jones down and ended up getting a takedown after catching a body kick. Allen then took the back and started landed some ground and pound while Jones used the dense to get up to his feet. Allen had Jones against the fence and landed some great combination shots. Despite being walked down, Jones continued throw some shots back. Allen started to empty the tank as the round came to an end and we go to a decision. 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 all for Daniel Allen. Daniel Allen was not awarded a contract. Dana told him to keep working and he could be in the UFC one day. 

Shamil Gaziev def. Greg Velasco via Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Round One)

The heavyweight main event begins and Shamil lands a shot that drops Greg immediately. Shamil tried to jump on him but Velasco took the back, Shamil turned it and got into top mount and started landing some ground and pound. This caused Velasco to give up his back, Shamil Gaziev then locked in a rear naked choke and forced the tap in round one. Shamil Gaziev was awarded a contract, congratulations!

Four fighters were awarded a contract tonight including one who was in a draw. The streak of every winner getting a contract was ended again. You can check out Dana White’s Contender Series every single Tuesday at 8PM ET on ESPN+. 

From: Brady Alexander

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