UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series September 5, 2023 Results

UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series September 5, 2023 Results

UFC Dana White’s Contender Series week five is here. Last week, only three contracts were awarded out of five winners. Now ten more fighters are looking to impress Dana White and possibly get a contract.

It was another great night of fights that saw some dominating wins and some surprising contract results by Dana White, which saw every winner awarded a contract this week with some big finishes and even one of the worst fights in Dana White’s Contender Series history.

Dana White’s Contender Series Results

Dione Barbosa defeats Rainn Guerrero via Submission (Round One)

A very grapple-heavy round one, with both women trying for submissions but Guerrero had more top control in the mount position. Barbosa tried to reverse into a headlock submission, but it didn’t work. Guererro continued to keep the top position, but suddenly, Barbosa took the arm and reversed into an ArmBar with thirty seconds to go in round one, causing Guererro to tap. Dione Barbosa gets the win. Dione Barbosa was awarded a contract, congratulations.

Jean Silva defeated Kevin Vallejos via Unanimous Decision.

The first round was a strictly striking round. Both men had their share of moments, but Silva was loading up and putting on the pressure, seemingly winning the round. In the second, Vallejos started to throw more, landing one of the cleanest right hands of the round. Silva, on the other hand, was fixated on landing short elbow shots, which he did land one clean and cut Vallejos on the bridge of the nose. They both continued to land some clean shots, making the second round much closer than the first. Then, it all changed. Silva landed a huge knee and wobbled Vallejos, but somehow he stayed up, bloody face and all. Silva continued to put pressure on him and started to open up against the fence. Somehow, Vallejos survived the round. The first half of the third round was fairly even once again, but Silva started to turn things his way. It was clear he had the power advantage, and every time he landed clean, he backed Vallejo up. Kevin Vallejo had the cleaner boxing, but he just didn’t have the power to hurt Silva, so, he kept walking forward. Silva then got the first takedown of the fight, but Vallejo popped right back up. With thirty seconds left, they both started swinging with everything they had until the bell rang. Jean Silva gets the nod from the judges, taking away Vallejo’s undefeated streak. Judges scored it 29-28 all for Jean Silva. Jean Silva was awarded the contract, congratulations.

Dylan Budka defeats Chad Hanekom via Unanimous Decision.

Hanekom came out using the keg kicks early. He was in and out fast using his striking to keep Budka back. Budka did land a clean shot, but it was only one. They started to wrestle, but it was fairly even and neither man could get the advantage. Finally, Dylan got a big takedown but the round came to an end. They both immediately go back to wrestling as the second round starts. They stayed on the fence for three minutes until Budka finally locked in a choke and got a takedown off of it. Though he didn’t succeed, he did take the back and had control for the rest of the round. in the third, Budka came out and went right for a takedown, to basically bring us exactly to where we were when the last round ended. They stayed against the fence wrestling the entire round. Not much action as we go to the judges. All three judges have it 29-28 to Dylan Budka. Dan White hated this fight but blamed it on Hanekom. He liked Dylan, and Dylan Budka was awarded the contract, congratulations.

Serhiy Sidey Defeats Ramon Taveras via TKO (Round One)

Both men had a striking chess battle to start things off. Even though everyone expected Sidey to go for the takedown, he didn’t. They stayed on their feet the entire time until Sidey dropped Taveras with a right hand and landed a few ground-and-pound shots before the ref jumped in a stopped it. A very bad, early stoppage, as Taveras was still moving. Even Dana White himself was shaking his head in disappointment from the referee. Dana hated the stoppage, so he is going to give Ramon another contenders series shot on week ten. But, Serhiy Sidey was awarded a contract, congratulations.

Brendson Ribeiro defeats Bruno Lopes via TKO (Round One)

These two massive light heavyweights wasted no time going for it. Both men throwing with power early. Lopes had a more technical approach, mixing in some leg kicks, but Ribeiro was just throwing wildly immediately. They just didn’t stop, it was all action until Ribeiro landed a nuke of a right hand, dropping Lopes and putting him out clean with some follow-up strikes. Ribeiro takes Lopes’s undefeated streak away in round one. Dana White loved the knockout, no-brainer, Brendson Ribeiro was awarded the contract, congratulations.

Five winners and five contracts were awarded once again after a slump the last few weeks. Five new talents are headed to the UFC, and we will be back with more contracts being awarded next Tuesday on ESPN+.

By: Brady Alexander

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