UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series October 3, 2023 Results

UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series October 3, 2023 Results

UFC Dana White’s Contender Series week nine is here. Last week, six contracts were awarded out of the five winners in a big episode. Now, how many more will  we have tonight? 

Due to weight miss, we only have four fights this week. But, we will have the cancelled bout rescheduled for next week’s finale. Tonight was another great night of fights and another loser was awarded a contract for the second week in a row on Dana White’s Contender Series.

Dana White’s Contender Series Results

Mauricio Ruffy def. Raimond Magomedaliev via TKO (Punches, Round 3)

The first round started off with both fighters having a bit of a feeling out process. It felt like both fighters were throwing back and forth, one shot for one shot, and that continued throughout the entire first round. In the second round, Ruffy landed a big leg kick immediately and it hurt Magomedaliev visibly. Still, they went back and forth in the second, but it felt like Magomedaliev was staying ahead with the bigger shots landing. In the third, everything changed. Ruffy was targeting the leg, and Magomedaliev couldn’t get a takedown and was limping off of his front leg. Ruffy really turned it up in the third and was wearing his opponent down and had him bloody. Magomedaliev tried for a takedown but failed, and led Ruffy to land on top of him and land some nasty ground and pound for the late stoppage. Dana White awarded Mauricio Ruffy a contract, congratulations! 

Magomed Gadzhiyasulov def. Jose Medina via unanimous decision (30-27 x3) 

Gadzhiyasulov was on fire from the start. Barely any time wasted, he was landing shots early and had Medina’s left eye busted up and bloody. Gadzhiyasulov was landing constant body kicks that sounded like gunshots. Medina was trying to get some shots in late in the round and a good one did connect, but Gadzhiyasulov clearly won the opening round. The start of the second round was much like the first, Gadzhiyasulov started tee’ing off and landed a body kick again that clearly hurt Medina, but he still tried to pressure forward. Gadzhiyasulov landed a nice spinning back elbow and it busted Medina’s nose wide open. Gadzhiyasulov got a takedown off of the elbow strike, but Medina was able to get up after some grappling exchanges. But, the round was over before Medina could get anything significant off. In the final round, Medina was clearly beaten and losing, but he wouldn’t stop coming forward. He started to land some big shots, and Gadzhiyasulov was clearly getting tired. He did land a takedown but it was very lazy and Medina tried to lock in a triangle choke but it wasn’t deep enough. They worked back up on the feet and with thirty seconds left, Medina started to go for it, but he was taken down again before the round ended. Gadzhiyasulov gets the win via unanimous decision. Dana White awarded Magomed Gadzhiyasulov a contract, but, Dana White liked Jose Medina, and he was also awarded a contract! Congratulations to both!

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Victor Hugo def. Eduardo Torres via Submission (KneeBar, Round 2)

Hugo was in control early on and landed a big takedown, and didn’t waste it. He was trying for submissions, from heel hooks to even a calf slicer, but, he wasn’t successful and Torres was able to get back up. Torres tried to pressure forward and get some points in the first round, but the time was running up and we head to the second round. Hugo went  for the takedown right as the round began, but Torres was able to defend it and reverse into a takedown of his own. But, Hugo was able to grab a leg and lock in a KneeBar, making Torres tap out. Dana White noted that he deserves it and Victor Hugo was awarded a contract, congratulations!  

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Rodolfo Bellato def. Murtaza Talha via TKO (Punches, Round 2) 

Bellato was doing a good job keeping his distance and landing some nice leg kicks, swelling up Talha’s leg early. Talha went for a takedown but a nice sprawl from Bellato allowed him to defend it. Both clinched up and traded some knees back and forth. When they broke, Talha started to string together some nice shots and landed a beautiful uppercut that had Bellato going back into the clinch. Talha landed a nice shot coming out of the clinch and Bellato’s face was started to get busted up as the round came to an end. In the second round, Talha tried for a takedown but Bellato shucked him off with ease. They both started to trade shots and the intensity was picking up. They both have some granite chins because they were landing some bombs on each other but neither would fall. Talha’s face formed a huge gash as Bellato started to tee off. Talha shot for a takedown, but Bellato caught him and they were back up to the feet. Talha was throwing big strikes back at Bellato, but he didn’t seem fazed. Bellato was landing combinations with ease. He had Talha up against the fence just landing bombs and the ref had to step in and save Talha. Dana White had high praise for Rodolfo Bellato, and he was awarded a contract, congratulations!

Five fighters were awarded a contract tonight out of four fights, including one who didn’t even win, but showed incredible heart. But, next week is our season finale with six fights on the card. You can check out Dana White’s Contender Series next Tuesday at 8PM ET on ESPN+.

From: Brady Alexander

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