Michael Venom Page Seemingly Set For UFC Debut

Michael Venom Page Seemingly Set For UFC Debut

Michael Venom Page being UFC-bound is all but confirmed now after a leaked meeting board showed his name set for a pay-per-view fight. 

Michael Venom Page To UFC

Venom Page, AKA MVP, was a superstar in Bellator MMA. The London native has been fighting professionally since 2012 and with a record of 21-2.

His exciting style has brought many fans to Bellator. But, earlier this year it was confirmed that Page had left the company. Rumours began to swirl about MVP finally joining the UFC, but the word was kept quiet.

A few days ago, however, Page went on the MMA Fan Podcast and confirmed that talks between himself and UFC have taken place. Then, following PFL acquiring Bellator, the PFL owner Donn Davis was asked on the MMA Hour if he’d try to get MVP to sign, but he said that he’d heard Page is with UFC now. 

Still, nothing had been confirmed, though. Now, during a podcast interview from Full Send that took place in the UFC ‘War Room’, you can see on the back of the board that fights are listed for the upcoming UFC 297 Pay-Per-View on January 20th. One of the fights listed on the board is Kevin Holland vs. Michael Venom Page. This all but confirms Page is headed to the UFC. 

Neither UFC nor Page has made an official announcement on the signing, but with the image leak, it’s possible that it comes sooner rather than later and the build can start for Michael Venom Page’s UFC debut.

And what a hell of a matchup it is to take on Kevin Holland in his first fight out. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the status of MVP signing to UFC. 

From: Brady Alexander 

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