Mayra Bueno Silva Asserts Title Contention in Post-Fight Interview with ESPN MMA

Mayra Bueno Silva Asserts Title Contention in Post-Fight Interview with ESPN MMA

Following her remarkable victory, Mayra Bueno Silva, in a post-fight interview with ESPN MMA, expressed her emotions and confidence as she solidifies her path towards a title shot.

Myra Bueno Silva defeated former champion Holly Holm in the main event of UFC Vegas 77, just one week after her teammate Alexandre Pantoja became the new UFC Flyweight Champion. Now, Myra plans to follow his path to become a champion. When asked about it in the interview Silva responded, “I’m actually extremely happy. We’re a team of Champions—first Pantoja, then me. My head coach, American Top Team, the best team in the world. Thank you, Dan Lambert because without him, that wouldn’t be possible. And of course, I’m extremely happy. I don’t know what happened still. I’m still dead, you know, kind of like in excess, but I know that I’m really happy.”

Mayra Bueno Silva Asserts Title Contention

The interviewer then mentioned the impressive finish Mayra Bueno Silva achieved with a ninja choke and inquired if she felt this win would secure her a title shot.

“I don’t think so. I’ve been finishing everybody. I told Nick that I was going to finish every single one on my way to the title shot, and I’ve been doing that. But there’s no way they can deny that I’m a finisher and I’m the new face of the division. And there’s no way anyone deserves it more than me. I’m the next title contender,” Mayra Bueno Silva confidently asserted.

Mayra Bueno Silva’s dominant performance and consistent finishing ability make her a formidable force in her division. With her determination, belief in herself, and the support of her team, she is positioning herself as a strong candidate for a title shot in the near future.

The former champion, Amanda Nunes recently hung up the gloves, retiring as champion, now making the UFC Bantamweight Championship vacant. UFC has yet to decide who will be next to fight for the vacant gold.

By: Brady Alexander

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