Korean Zombie Unsure About Retirement Heading Into UFC Singapore

Korean Zombie Unsure About Retirement Heading Into UFC Singapore

Chan Sung Jung, also known as ‘The Korean Zombie’ is back in the UFC octagon this Saturday as he takes on Max Holloway in the main event of UFC Singapore. 

Before this weekend, there’s been a lot of rumors surrounding the future of Zombie, with speculation looming that retirement could be near. Zombie is one of the last of a dying breed, coming from WEC and moving over to UFC in 2011 with the likes of now Hall Of Famer, Jose Aldo. 

Korean Zombie Contemplating Retirement?

He’s been in the game for quite sometime, but after his last fight out in April of 2022 where he faced the Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski, Chan Sung Jung was virtually shut out by the champion before being TKO’d. Many believed the end of The Korean Zombie could be near, but that may not be the case just yet. 

While speaking at the UFC Singapore media day, Zombie exclaimed through an interpreter, “I’m not really sure what’s going to happen, It’s very difficult for a fighter to acknowledge that one’s career has ended. I’ll have to see how well I fight in the octagon. I’ll have to assess myself on this fight, and then decide what’s going on next.”

Zombie will take on a fellow legend in Max Holloway this weekend, which isn’t a goodbye fight for him, as he’s looking to make it a war. “I’ve wanted to fight Holloway forever, whenever I imagine me fighting Holloway, I also expect a slugfest to happen. Both fighters are going to be worn out to the very bottom, so it’s going to be a very fun fight.” 

Not only is he looking for a slugfest, he’s most importantly looking to get a win in a big way; “I respect Max, he’s a living legend. He’s a legend in this division. I’ve fought three legends here in this division: I fought Jose Aldo, I fought Volkanovski. I respect Max, but just because I respect him does not mean I’m going to go easy on him. I expect to win this fight. I’m going to go hard on him.”

UFC Singapore goes down this Saturday, with the main card live at 8AM EST headlined by Max Holloway vs. The Korean Zombie.

By: Brady Alexander

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