UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series August 22, 2023 Results:

UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series August 22, 2023 Results

UFC Dana White’s Contender Series week three is here. Last week, five contracts were awarded for all five winners. Which was two weeks in a row for every winner to get a contract. Can the streak continue as this week four fights are on tap with the winners looking for UFC glory.

It was another great night of fights that saw some dominating wins and some surprising contract results by Dana White, which saw one winner not awarded a contract for the first time in this season of Dana White’s Contender Series.

Dana White’s Contender Series Results

Luis Pajuelo defeats Robbie Ring via TKO (Round One)

Both fighters were super aggressive in the start, but Pajuelo was more willing to stand and bang in a fire fight, causing Ring to try to go to the grappling, but when Pajuelo got on top, he landed a knee to the body while in side mount that really hurt Ring. Luis Pajuelo follows up with some ground and pound to get the first round TKO finish and ends Robbie Ring’s 6-0 undefeated streak. Luis Pajuelo was awarded a UFC contract, congratulations. 

Josefine Knutsson defeats Iris Verbeek via Unanimous Decision. 

Knutsson landed a beautiful head kick, about as clean as you could get in round one, but somehow Verbeek ate it. This led to a lot of clinch work, with knees being thrown from both in the clinch that took us to round two. In the second round, Knutsson was in control and really gained Verbeek’s respect. Verbeek was trying to fight back but it seemed like the power of Knutsson was just too much. A dominant round that led us into the third and final. Verbeek came out in the final round with a sense of urgency, landing a nice jab that busted Knutsson’s nose open, and landed a nice leg kick that dropped her. But, it wasn’t enough. We went to the judges and all three gave it 30-27 to Josefine Knutsson, who improves to 6-0. Josefine Knutsson was not awarded a UFC Contract. Dana White said he just didn’t see it tonight and thinks she needs more experience.

Oban Elliot defeats Kaik Brito via Unanimous Decision

Very competitive round between both men, Brito was throwing bombs, even when they missed, it didn’t discourage him, he kept trying and he landed a few. Elliot on the other hand, was pushing the pace and trying to grapple Brito, which was obviously tiring him out. Close round one, but we went into round two where Brito was all over Elliot. He rocked him multiple times and had him stumbling all over the cage. Elliot was trying to shoot for takedowns in order to slow down the action, but he couldn’t secure it. In the closing seconds, Elliot was caught in an ArmBar but didn’t tap and survived to the third round. And out of no where, Elliot makes a wild comeback, rocking Brito and eventually dropping him. Elliot was furious with the ground and pound, but Brito survived until the end of the round. It went to the judges who scored it 29-28, 29-28 & 28-28 with the winner via unanimous decision, Oban Elliot. Dana White said he was on the fence about this, but he’s in. Oban Elliot was awarded the UFC contract, congratulations.

Zachary Reese defeats Eli Aronov via Submission (Round One)

Both of these fighters come into the main event undefeated. Zachary Reese however, has finished all of his five wins in the first round. And this was no different. It was clear that Reese was the better striker of the two, but when he slipped, Aronov jumped on hi. For the ground and pound but got his arm caught, and Zachary Reese cranked on the arm bar to get the submission in 74 seconds. Another fast finish for the now 6-0 Zachary Reese. Zachary Reese was awarded a UFC contract, congratulations. 

The streak of everyone getting a contract has ended as three of four winners were awarded contracts. But, another fun Tuesday night of fights that saw some fantastic moments in these young competitors careers. Dana White’s Contender Series returns next Tuesday on ESPN+.

By: Brady Alexander

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