Bryce Hall To Compete In BKFC

Bryce Hall To Compete In BKFC

Influencer boxing has been catching steam in recent years, but Bryce Hall is looking to change the game as he looks to take the gloves off and box bare knuckle.

Bryce Hall, a popular influencer across multiple social media platforms, has had one influencer boxing bout in 2021 where he lost to fellow influencer Austin McBroom via TKO in round three. Since then, Bryce has been on a hiatus from the sport but recently started to tease some sort of comeback, even tweeting out a few tweets late last week that a big announcement was coming regarding a fight, in which he’d be fighting at 165-170 pounds. Now, we’ve found out what his announcement will be.

Bryce Hall In BKFC?

Last week, Wade Plem tweeted that he talked to Bryce Hall’s manager who confirmed that Bryce would be fighting in August with an opponent and promotion yet to be named. Now, today, Wade tweeted out an update saying that he has confirmed with Bryce’s Manager that Bryce Hall will be fighting under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship banner and will have a bare-knuckle boxing fight. The exact date and opponent are still unknown as of this writing.

Following the news, Bryce took to Twitter and quoted a BKFC tweet simply saying “I wanna do this.” Well, it seems he will have his chance. Nick Ireland, another influencer, has competed in BKFC, but it was with gloves. Bryce will become the first influencer to enter the ring with no gloves on and will make history in the scene. It remains to be seen if any other influencers will follow suit on this dangerous path, but it seems like Bryce is getting a lot of support for taking this risky step forward.

BKFC has seen many mixed martial artists make the jump over to the sport such as Mike Perry and Chad Mendes, and they all come out of it looking worse for wear. Now, it’s Bryce’s turn to feel the bare knuckles across his skin. But, he has been actively training and is looking to add his first win to his fighting record.

It’s also worth noting that the BKFC 44 event ran tonight and there was no mention or announcement of Bryce Hall, so, we’ll be on the lookout for an official announcement from the company itself. They also do not have an official scheduled show for August at this time, which Bryce Hall’s manager said he’d be fighting at. We will continue to update you with any date and opponent announcements as they happen.

By Brady Alexander

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