Ailín Pérez Details Attack By Joselyn Edwards In Training

Ailín Pérez Details Attack By Joselyn Edwards In Training

We’re used to seeing MMA fighters fight inside of a cage, but it’s very rare that we see it outside of the octagon. Well, that’s what happened last week ahead of Ailín Pérez’ UFC Vegas 82 where Pérez picked up a decision win over Lucie Pudilová.

Ailín Pérez Attacked By Joselyn Edwards

Ailín Pérez spoke out late last week that fellow UFC fighter Joselyn Edwards allegedly attacked her at the UFC performance institute while she was in training camp. She did receive a black eye and a small cut from the alleged attack before her fight even happened on Saturday. Today, Pérez joined Ariel Helwani on the MMAHour and told the story in full of the attack. She spoke through her interpreter;

“So, this was on Tuesday, a couple days before her fight, at around 4PM towards the end of her training when she just finished training. Right before this happened I went into the P.I. and I went into the P.I. with my son and my coach and I saw in the cafeteria that Joselyn Edwards was there, sitting there kind of like staring at me with her hood up like creeping. I thought it was pretty weird, so I was like okay, whatever, I’m going to go upstairs now and start my training.”

Ariel then asked her if she had any interactions with her before this, to which she responded through her interpreter; “Yeah, she has had interactions where she’s seen her, she’s spoken to her cordially, but during that day she had no interactions with her.” She then continued on with the story.

“So, when the training finished, I was getting a photoshoot done by the UFC photographer, Juan, and Joselyn Edwards get closer to the cage. She goes up to me and she starts talking, saying “you better win your next fight because you talk too much.” So, Ailíl’s response to her was just saying “Hi, how’re you?” and she went back and said “No, you better win your next fight.” That’s where Ailín said “I’m going to win my. next fight, don’t worry, that’s why I’m training. I’m training hard.” and I made sure I did not disrespect her at all just by saying clearly to her without backing down “I’m going to win my next fight, don’t you worry.” She was speaking to Ailín in a way that made Ailín feel like she was of very little value and that she was very high value, saying “Ailín, you better win your next fight because you’re probably not going to win, yo haven’t accomplished anything in the UFC, and you’re not going to win so, just to let you know, you’re not going to win.”

“She says that it could be true, could be not what she’s saying but, what she asked Joselyn was “what’s your problem? What’s your problem with me? and that’s when Joselyn said “You speak too much on Instagram. You comment too much on my things.” So, what Ailín told her was “look, if you want to fight, we can fight with the UFC, you talk to the UFC and I’ll accept the fight, but we’re not going to fight here today. So, please leave, I’m going to be training now, I have a fight to worry about, please, respectfully, get out of here.” That’s when her coach butted in and said “Aiilín, leave her alone, she seems very nervous, she’s acting in a weird way, you have to focus on your fight on Saturday. Don’t even pay attention to her.”

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“So, that’s when she got aggressive and said “I’m nervous?” She hits against the cage, goes inside the cage and she’s coming in an aggressive fast manner towards Ailín. She takes off her hood, she takes off her headphones and Ailín in that moment thinks about her kid and how her kid is in the facility. He wasn’t there in that room, but he was waiting for her in the waiting room and that’s where she closes up like this [defensive position] and she feels something, she doesn’t even know what it was, she got hit with a punch or maybe an elbow right here in the middle where she got hit in the eye and that’s when Joselyn jumps on top of her.”

“My first reaction once I felt like I got hit in the eye, I couldn’t really see what’s going on because I got hit in the eye and I went blind for a second, I tried to grab her to try to hold on to her and clinch her so I wouldn’t get hit anymore, I never through a punch. So, I felt my eye, with extreme pain, I felt blood was coming down it, she did cut me open from that hit, and at that point was already feeling extremely weak from the weight cut, I was disorientated cause I did not think I was going to be in a fight at that moment and my first reaction while I was trying to hold onto her was to tell my coach; “Coach, please, take her off me, take her off me.” cause she wouldn’t be letting go. So, at that point, I told my coach multiple times “please, take her off” cause she kept hitting me, and at that point, my coach was trying to get her off but couldn’t because she was even bigger than my coaches cause she was huge from after a weight cut, after you know, she gets big out of camp and at that point, that’s when my coach grabbed her in a rear naked choke and tried to pull her off so she would have to defend to let go. He never threw a punch but he did grab her with a rear naked choke because she was assaulting me.”

“So at that point, I runout of the cage as fast as possible, I didn’t even look at Joselyn, didn’t throw one punch at her and I started screaming “security, security, please help me, there’s a crazy person in the cage that’s trying to hurt me.” They brought me to another room where a bunch of the UFC staff were there to make sure that I was okay, I was in a very bad place mentally from after this assault had taken place, I was very disoriented and I want to thank the UFC because they made sure that they were able to close my eye up with stitches, they took care of me, they made sure that I was mentally okay, physically okayed made sure that the situation was defused as fast as possible .”

Ailín Pérez went on to say that many people saw this happen and there are cameras and microphones in the room, so the UFC staff can see it happen. Since the, Ailín says that Joselyn has been commenting on her stuff saying that when she sees her again, she’s going to break her other eye. UFC has not made an official statement on the altercation and as of this writing, non one involved has faced repercussions. But, Alín Pérez says that she plans on taking legal action against Joselyn.

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