Survivor Tag: Misfits Boxing 008 Review

Survivor Tag: Misfits Boxing 008 Review

Misfits Boxing is back once again with their 008 event. This event was packed full of fight cancellations, opponent changes and chaos from start to finish on this July 22nd evening.

Though the card had a ton of blunders just days and even hours before the event, such as Anthony Taylor vs. Paul Bamba being cancelled just as the show was going on air, it was the two original Misfits ideas that saved the night. From a tag team match with bitter rivals, to a Survivor Tag with new rules, let’s get into how this show went. 

Misfits Boxing 008 Happy Punch Prelims

Jack Grady vs. The Magic Crasher

Two magicians stepped into the ring for the first time against one another, but only one man had the trick up his sleeve that would get him the victory. The fight started off just as you’d expect two guys with no experience to be like. Very timid in their approach to throw a punch and Crasher seemed to be pushing more than punching, which he was warned for several times by the referee. It was clear that Crasher was not in the best shape, as he started to slow down near the end of round one, and continued to turn around during the fight, which isn’t the smartest move in a boxing match. 

On the other hand, Jack Grady was throwing, but it was slow and sloppy. Yet, somehow, he was connecting and in round two, in l less than a minute, Jack Grady connected with an overhand right that put The Magic Crasher down, and he wasn’t able to answer the count. Jack Grady picked up the KO victory in what was a sloppy, yet entertaining opening bout. 

Corn vs. Unbaer

The second and final prelim bout was a rematch. Not just a rematch, but a rematch that had social media ablaze. In their first encounter, both men looked so bad that the commentary team was audibly laughing during the fight because of how gassed and sloppy both men were. Then, when Unbaer picked up a split decision win, social media had a meme field day with Corn. 

Yet, this time was different. Not because of the punches, because they were both still sloppy and inaccurate from both, but, there was one thing that separated Corn from Unbaer and that was cardio. As the rounds continued to go on, Unbaer was visibly exhausted and had a standing eight count multiple times. Then, in the fourth and final round, Corn TKO’d Unbaer with some shots against the ropes and his corner threw in the towel. Though this wasn’t a good fight by any means, it was certainly better than their first encounter and with both men being tied with one win a piece, it’s safe to say we will see the first ever trilogy in misfits boxing with these two men. 

Misfits Boxing 008 Main Card

Brandon Herrera vs. James Sellers

Brandon Herrera was originally scheduled to face Ac7ionMan, but when he pulled out, James Sellers stepped in on a one day notice. For barely having time to prepare and both men making their boxing debuts, this fight went better than you may expect. Though it wasn’t a boxing masterclass, and very far from it, it was gritty. 

Both men wanted to win, they just kept walking forward and throwing everything they had. Sellers nose was busted up, blood gushing down his face but they just kept walking forward. Then, Brandon Herrera threw a straight left right to the already damaged nose and put James down for the KO victory. With more training, it’s clear that both of these men could be dangerous in the cross-over scene because they were both here to fight, and that’s what fans love to see. 

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Alan Belcher vs. Chase Demoor

Alan Belcher was another man who had a late opponent switch. Alan was set to fight Hasim Rahman Jr, but after an injury in training forced Rahman to pull out, Alan had another opponent on late notice who ended up not passing his medicals. Then, in the final hour, on another day notice, Chase Demoor stepped up to fight the former Bare Knuckle Boxing heavyweight champion. 

This fight shocked a lot of people. It was clear that everyone, even the commentary, expected  Alan to run through Chase like a hot knife through butter. But, that isn’t what happened. Instead, we got another bizarre Chase Demoor finish, except this time it wasn’t his fault. Alan was clearly winning the bout throughout every round, but he had trouble landing clean shots on Chase, due to him keeping his guard up and using flailing arms to block shots. When Belcher would land as clean as he could, everyone held their breath waiting for Chase to fall, but he didn’t. The chin held up. 

Suddenly, in the final round, Demoor’s cornerman was yelling at the referee for Alan hitting Chase off the break and claiming he hit him in the back of the head. Then, the cornerman gave the worst advice possible and was screaming at Chase to not listen to the referee. Chase started to go to his corner while the fight was still on, the cornerman was up on the apron and continued to yell at the referee, giving him no choice but to call the fight with only seconds left in the last round. 

Alan Belcher gets the victory due to referee stoppage, and Chase’s corner being very unprofessional. A few more seconds could’ve had Chase going the distance with a Bare Knuckle Champion, but the selfish corner got in the way and costs Chase Demoor a moral victory. Shameful. 

Deen The Great & Walid Sharks vs. Yuddy Gang TV & Ayye Pap

The Tag Team Boxing concept has made a return to Misfits. After a successful first time, the concept has returned. But this time, it’s pitting two men that absolutely despise each other as a team. 

Walid Sharks was named Deen The Greats mystery partner at the press conference earlier this week and then all hell broke loose. Deen threatened to not even show up because they hate each other so much after their bout against each other last year that has been named one of the best influenced boxing matches. 

But, each man showed up to the fight, and they started off fairly well. Walid Sharks did fake a tag in the begging, giving us doubt that the team would work. But, they started to make frequent tags in and out and things started rolling. It was clear that Deen and Walid were miles ahead of their opponents, but as the rounds went on, Yuddy started to become the star of the show. Ducking and dodging punches and holding his own against two of the best at his weight class, he looked like he belonged. Sadly Ayye Pap, he threw his shoulder out halfway through the fight and never fully recovered, basically making it a two on one encounter. 

Though the odds were stacked against them, Yuddy and Pap made it to the final bell. The decision was clear, though. Deen and Walid picked up the unanimous decision win in what was another entertaining tag team match. But, it was chaos after the match that had everyone on their feet. Instead of celebrating a win, Deen and Walid started fighting, Walid punched Deen in the side of his face, Deen tackled Walid down and security was trying to pull the men apart. After being separated, Deen called for a rematch between the two so they can finally settle the beef, even suggesting that it should be the co-main event to the eventual KSI vs. Tommy Fury card. Every fan wants this to happen, so let’s make it happen! 

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Survivor Tag: NichLMAO vs. Ryan Johnston vs. Swarmz vs. BDave

A brand new concept to Misfits Boxing has arrived. The always innovative company has come up with a new matchup, and though Tag is in the name, this isn’t a team match. Four men with everyone for themselves, but, two men can only be in at a time, and they can tag out to anyone on the outside at any time. Fighters would be eliminated if they were knocked down or refused to tag. Otherwise, the fight would go to the scorecards.

The concept seemed confusing at first, but as it began, it was fun and very entertaining and with a few kinks made, the concept could be even greater. Namely, more time should be added to the rounds. Three minute rounds are too short when men are tagging in and out every time they meet adversity, making it so each man is fighting for a minute if not seconds per round. Making it five minute rounds would help. Not only that, the clock should stop as tags are being made, because with guys coming in and out during the tag action, 10-20 seconds are being wasted with no action happening in the ring. Lastly, more rounds is a must. A four round fight was too short and left everyone wanting more. So, possibly six rounds being made for next time would make it much better. 

Aside from the rules, the bout was fun for what it was. But, it was clear who wanted to win, and who had no chance. BDave and Ryan Johnston had their moments, but it was clear that Swarmz and NichLMAO were leagues ahead as far as who was the better fighters. Both men seemed fresh the entire time and they each had big moments in the fight, namely Swarmz landing some big combos on BDave that had the crowd on their feet, and NichLMAO wobbling Ryan Johnston and almost knocking him down as the final bell rang. 

We went to a judges decision with no eliminations occurring and after four rounds, NichLMAO got the decision victory. Between him and Swarmz they were the two ahead, and NichLMAO getting the win was a fair decision. Seeing both of these men run a one on one match would be entertaining and hopefully we can get that down the line. 

Overall, the final two fights, interestingly enough being new Misfits creations, saved the night on what was otherwise a lackluster card. Fights being dropped and fighters pulling out really put a dent in the excitement for this card. But, the two things that make Misfits Boxing stand out, ended up being the things that saved this card from being a dud. Cross-over boxing is meant for entertainment and the Tag Team and Survivor Tag matches gave us that entertainment that makes Misfits Boxing stand out from the rest.

From: Brady Alexander

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