Yanina Lescano: ‘Myself and Caroline Dubois will be a beautiful fight.’

Yanina Lescano: ‘Myself and Caroline Dubois will be a beautiful fight.’

Lescano is wary of the threat Dubois poses but is ‘confident of victory on fight night.’

Yanina Lescano is a boxer I have long rated as a sleeper threat in female lightweight boxing. She pushed Estelle Mossely to the wire in her IBO world title challenge and has genuine punch power, knocking out multiple domestic rivals in Argentina.

So, it was with great satisfaction that I saw Caroline Dubois matched this hard in just her seventh professional fight. I was also eager to hear how Lescano was approaching the fight. Here’s a quick interview with the woman looking to upset Dubois’s trajectory to stardom, in a quest to bolster her own bid for world titles!

Firstly, it was surprising to hear that Lescano wasn’t too familiar with Dubois’ pro career to date, although she was fully aware of the main strength in the Londoner’s arsenal. 

“To be honest, I haven’t looked much into Caroline Dubois. I just know that she has very fast hand speed and that she was an Olympic boxer.”

Lescano will be hoping to implement a game plan to thwart the quick combinations of Dubois, which have been the undoing of five of her seven opponents to date.

The Argentine admits, in spite of her limited knowledge of ‘Sweet Caroline’, that she represents a very good opponent’ but one she has belief in overcoming. 

She is confident that she has ‘prepared well’ and says she is ‘very happy to be here in London and has the confidence of victory on fight night.’ 

Lescano accepted that diligent training will have also been undertaken by Dubois for this fight, and said Caroline looked in ‘great condition’ at the weigh-in. 

My hope with this fight is fans are treated to a competitive match-up and are pleasantly surprised with the formidability of Lescano as an opponent for Dubois. Lescano agrees. She is not only priming herself to pull off a major upset but in a literal translation, she said UK fight fans can expect a ‘beautiful fight.’  

With two fighters who operate at a high technical level, Lescano and Dubois are certainly two fighters with the artistry to paint a masterpiece for the York Hall crowd.

By Harry Duffy


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