ViruZz Suspended for Two Years And Fined £8000 After Failed Drug Test For DK Money Fight: PBA Confirms

ViruZz Suspended for Two Years And Fined £8000 After Failed Drug Test For DK Money Fight: PBA Confirms

The Professional Boxing Association (PBA) announced today that YouTube star and Influencer boxer Victor Melida, known by his alias ViruZz, has been suspended for two years. The ban comes after the boxer tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug Boldenone M1, violating the association’s anti-doping regulations.

The PBA, in their official press release dated 7th August 2023, has confirmed the immediate suspension of Melida’s PBA boxing license. Additionally, he is faced with an £8000 GBP fine and is liable to cover the legal expenses incurred by the PBA. Proceeds from the fine will be donated to the PBA’s chosen charitable organization, The Ringside Charitable Trust, which supports ex-boxers struggling with severe health problems.

In light of the failed drug test, the results of ViruZz’s previous fight against DK Money at the Misfits 007 event in London’s Wembley Arena on 13th May 2023 have been declared a ‘No Decision’.

The PBA has offered ViruZz a chance for redemption: the suspension could be reduced to one year if he enrols in a comprehensive two-year monitoring program conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) within 14 days. Melida has reportedly expressed his intention to participate in the program.

The PBA stressed that these measures are a testament to its commitment to upholding the integrity and fairness of boxing, ensuring an even playing field for all athletes, regardless of their fame or status. “These actions are in strict accordance with the PBA’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and fairness of boxing competitions, upholding the standards of the sport,” the statement read.

As the Influencer boxing community reels from this shocking news, fans are left wondering about the future of the YouTube sensation’s boxing career. The ball is now in ViruZz’s court as he decides how to move forward amidst this significant setback.

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By Owen Yard