Salt Papi And Anthony Taylor Promise The 'Hagler Hearns' Of Influencer Boxing In Their Upcoming Fight

Salt Papi And Anthony Taylor Promise The ‘Hagler Hearns’ Of Influencer Boxing In Their Upcoming Fight on Misfits 007

In their recent digital face-off on the Misfits Boxing and MFDAZN X Series youtube channels, both Salt Papi and Anthony Taylor have promised that their 3-round fight will be explosive and exciting for however long it lasts. Salt-Papi has mentioned in numerous interviews that he plans to try and KO Anthony Taylor, even saying he will do it within one round. Whereas Anthony Taylor says he’ll bring the fight to Salt-Papi as he always does with his ‘peekaboo’ style and heavy shots.

So far, Anthony Taylor has never been KO’d in Influencer Boxing, despite the fact that he’s fought very tough opponents like Tommy Fury and Idris Virgo. This has made him confident in being able to take Salt Papi’s biggest shots and still come forward with pressure. However, Salt Papi is arguably just as good, if not better in terms of movement and accuracy of punching compared to Tommy Fury and Idris Virgo.

Who are Salt Papi and Anthony Taylor?

Before his big break on TikTok with his running videos that went consistently viral on the platform, Salt Papi was a nurse during the COVID pandemic. He made his popular videos on TikTok during the pandemic too, which is where the majority of his original fans and viewers first discovered him back in 2020. Since then, Salt Papi has had three influencer boxing bouts, winning all three. Salt Papi has fought the likes of Halal Ham, Andy Warski, and Josh Brueckner.

In contrast, Anthony Taylor has had a very different route to this fight. Before he was a professional MMA fighter, Anthony Taylor was a male stripper where he danced in strip clubs. But after that he went on to become an MMA fighter, building up a record of seven wins to five losses. Since then, thanks to being a previous sparring partner of Jake Paul, he’s managed to get himself into the world of influencer boxing by fighting on the undercard of Jake Paul shows. Since fighting in influencer boxing he has fought the likes of Ashley Rak-Su, Jack Fincham, and Idris Virgo.

Big things for the winner

One thing that’s certain about this fight is that the winner will be seen as one of the top 3 influencer boxers in the world and should expect some huge fights along with huge paydays down the line. Salt Papi has already been mentioned by KSI about possibly having a fight in the Philippines. Whereas KSI has also previously said if Anthony Taylor beat Idris Virgo he would get to fight him. Beating Salt Papi could make that opportunity once again a reality.

Even if the KSI fight doesn’t happy next though, the winner could easily co-main, or headline a show in the UK, USA, or the Philippines depending on the winner. Against opponents such as Whindersson Nunes, King Kenny, or Jake Paul. Another possible route for the winner could be entering the Misfit’s upcoming pro tournament. This tournament hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Mams Taylor has confirmed it is in the works and it will include 8 fighters, with a 1 million dollar prize for the winner of the tournament.

How do fans think the fight goes?

When the fight was first announced, it came as a surprise to many despite it being the obvious next fight, and many fans calling for it online. This is because the management of both fighters (Happy Punch promo) promotes both fighters and felt that it wasn’t the best option for either at this time. This is understandable since management is supposed to try and keep their fighters in the winning lane as much as possible while also putting them in the best fights possible. Luckily, Happy Punch Promo eventually realized that this was the fight to make despite the fact one of their top fighters would have to lose.

Because of the difficulties behind the scenes, which fans were aware of, the reaction to the fight announcement was of high praise and had fans excitedly predicting the outcome. One fan in reply to the announcement tweet on @MisfitsBoxing Twitter said: “Way too easy for Salt Papi”, whereas another fan said, “AT will destroy him in the later rounds”.

No matter the outcome, one thing is for certain, and that’s that this fight will be explosive for however long it lasts if it does not go the full three rounds, as each fighter has a point to prove and huge opportunities within touching distance if they are the victor on fight night.

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By Owen Yard