Ryan Garcia B Sample Results Announcement, Blasts VADA

Ryan Garcia B Sample Results Announcement, Blasts VADA

In a recently uploaded interview with DAZN, Ryan Garcia speaks on his recent drug test controversy following a career-best win against Devin Haney. Addressing the Ryan Garcia B Sample situation, he maintains his innocence, even going on the offensive against VADA and Victor Conte specifically.

Details on Ryan Garcia’s Failed B-Sample

Garcia, now 25-1, is in hot water at the moment following a failed drug test after his victory over Devin Haney, handing ‘The Dream’ his first loss of his otherwise illustrious career.

Ryan Garcia is no stranger to controversy, with many fans believing him to be mentally unwell in the build-up to the Haney fight, as a result of his tweets regarding sex trafficking conspiracies, and his clear use of substances, even drinking a beer on stage at the final face-off, after missing weight by 3lbs.

Ryan Garcia B Sample Announcement

In the interview, Garcia commented that he feels ‘hurt and damaged by the accusations’, stating, ‘I know for a fact I’m not a cheater’ and that ‘one of my greatest victories has a little asterisk next to it because of a lie’.

He went on to say, ‘I feel like we’re letting literal cheaters convict me of cheating, like Victor Conte is a cheater, he literally got caught for steroids’, Conte being one of the people who helped to set up VADA.

Garcia continued his rant, ‘What’s even crazier is the New York State athletic commission’s president resigned right after this and what’s even crazier is they didn’t find any supplement or any steroids in my system’ all the way up til a day after my fight’.

He suggests that the tests also only found ‘A billionth trillionth of a gram’ in his system. We are still awaiting news about Garcia’s B-Sample.

The interview took a turn when Garcia began to speak on the trafficking of children, but ended with a poignant moment when the interviewer asks, ‘So you want to be remembered as the man who stood up for the truth?’, with Garcia responding, ‘Yeah, that’s a great legacy to have’.

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