OJ ROSÉ Interview: Who He Thinks Is Better On Team Streetfighter 2, Who He Wants To Fight Next & More

OJ ROSÉ Interview: Who He Thinks Is Better On Team Streetfighter 2, Who He Wants To Fight Next & More

After his stoppage win over Kimbo Slice Jr back on Misfits 006 on April 22nd, OJ Rosé will return to the ring again on Misfits 008 in Nashville Tennessee on July 22nd. Live and exclusive on DAZN around the world. Although this time, OJ Rosé will be fighting in a tag-team match with his previous opponent Kimbo Slice Jr against Misfits champion Deen the Great and New York golden gloves champion Lil Cracra.

OJ Rosé will be competing on Misfits 008 in a tag-team boxing match against ‘Streetfighter 2’ which will be Deen The Great and Lil Cracra

NoSmokeSport caught up with OJ Rosé before his upcoming tag-team match to ask him how it came about, what he thinks of his opponents and more below:

First off I felt it was important to know what got OJ into influencer boxing, to begin with, so I asked him. To which he replied “Logan vs Floyd” This was actually a bit of a surprise to me as it’s the first time I’ve heard someone say that specific fight got them into influencer boxing.

I was also curious as to how the team dynamic between OJ Rosé and Kimbo Slice Jr would work since they previously fought each other and now will be fighting together with the same goal of winning against their opponents. OJ said: “We will be a great team. There’s respect between us. Foes turned friends.”.

Since this specific tag-team matchup is a very unique one since there will be a very big weight advantage to OJ and Kimbo’s team, the Misfits Boxing matchmakers have tried to minimize that advantage by putting them up against two of the best fighters in influencer boxing in Deen the Great and Lil Cracra. So I was curious as to who OJ Rosé thought was the better fighter, to which he replied: “Lil Cra Cra. He’s a New York golden gloves champ”.

As always, fighters usually have future opponents in mind or future plans despite them saying they’re only focusing on their next fight. So I took the opportunity to ask OJ if he had anyone specific in mind as a next opponent and he specifically wants “The winner of the fatal 4 way” which he told me.

Leading up to the announcement of Misfits 008, it was heavily rumored that there were many behind-the-scenes pullouts and issues which kept causing the official announcement of the show to be repeatedly delayed. This was confirmed by Mams Taylor on Twitter spaces. But I was curious as to when OJ himself found out he’d be fighting on this card so I asked him and he stated: “2 days before the poster dropped lol”. This just shows how last minute some of the changes on the card were.

When the official poster dropped for Misfits 008, it didn’t have a team name on for OJ’s and Kimbo’s teams. So I ensured to ask him to make sure we knew if they had a name or not. Despite it being confirmed publicly shortly after, OJ still told me that their team name would be “The Chop Shop”.

Lastly, because tag-team boxing is still in its infancy, it is very unclear to fans as to whether the teammates in tag teams would train with each other, develop/practice specific tactics or do other things similar to this. We know B Dave and Pineda did not do a training camp together for their tag-team fight so I asked OJ Rosé whether he’d be training with Kimbo Slice Jr for their tag-team fight: “We are too far apart, we will train separately”.

And with that answer, that was the catch-up with OJ Rosé complete. NoSmokeSport is very thankful for OJ giving us some of his time for this interview and wishes him the best for his upcoming fight.

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By Owen Yard