Misfits Boxing Breaking Barriers With Tag Team Boxing

Misfits Boxing: Breaking Barriers With Tag Team Boxing

Misfits Boxing Tag Team Event. Everyone who saw this announcement collectively had one thought at first glance, “what the hell is tag team boxing?” Typically, when you hear the word “tag team” your mind immediately shoots straight to professional wrestling. You know, The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Brothers Of Destruction, or even new age teams like the current WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions, The Usos. But in boxing? That’s different than anything we’ve heard of. 

Misfits Boxing continues to break barriers alongside DAZN with their events that mostly center around YouTubers and influencers stepping inside of the ring in some of the most outrageous, yet entertaining cross-over fights we’ve seen. From the likes of KSI to King Kenny, these guys are at the top of the bill in the YouTube boxing scene. We’ve even seen stars born in the likes of Luis Pineda who went from a nobody to a lovable underdog that everyone loves to root for. Now, Luis has another chance to make history when he is one of four men stepping into the ring for a Tag Team Boxing bout.

Misfits Boxing Tag Team Event

On Saturday, March 4, 2023, Misfits Boxing and DAZN will hold their X Series 005 event in Telford, England. Headlining the card is a bout between Jay Swingler and NichLmao. But, the most interesting matchup has to be the Tag Team bout with Luis Pineda and BDave, collectively known as “Los Pineda Coladas” taking on Stromedy and Austin Sprinz, collectively known as “The Fantastic 2.” 

Luis Pineda picked up his first win under the Misfits Boxing banner against BDave back in January. Now, they’ve put their differences aside and have become a Tag Team for this historic showdown. Meanwhile, Stromedy defeated his partner Austin Sprinz in an exhibition bout under the Show Star banner in March of 2022. The teams of former enemies are now looking to come together and pick up a win with each other. 

You may be asking yourself what the rules are for this bout, well, according to DAZN themselves, “During the Tag Team Bout one member of each team shall partake in the bout subject to the Boxing Rules. The member of each team not partaking in the Tag Team Bout (the “Substitute”) shall stand on the apron outside the ropes of the ring and behind their team’s corner.

Each team shall be free to determine which member of the team shall be the Fighter at the start of each round of the Tag Bout. The Substitute may not enter the ring unless Tagged by the Fighter in accordance with clause 2. The Substitute shall at all times follow the instructions of the Local Commission and referee of the Tag Team Bout.  This may mean, at times, standing down from the apron of the ring.” 

As far as the actual tagging goes, DAZN also went on to explain those rules; “A tag is commenced when a Fighter raises and keeps either glove straight in the air during any period of inactivity during the Tag Team Bout. Once a Fighter has raised their glove in the air they shall be free to proceed to their corner and touch gloves with the Substitute at which point the Fighter shall become the Substitute and vice versa (a “Tag”). During a Tag, the opponent must stand in a neutral corner until told to proceed with the Tag Team Bout by the referee. 

An opponent will not be permitted to Tag their Substitute during the Tag of the other team. Where the Substitute does not wish to Tag, the Fighter must continue with the Tag Team Bout. A Fighter must not attempt a Tag during any period of engagement with the opponent. 

For the avoidance of doubt, a Tag may only take place during a period of inactivity such as following a break-up of a clench by the referee. Where an opponent attempts to continue the Tag Team Bout during a Tag their team will be disqualified from the Tag Team Bout. There is no limit on the number of Tags that may take place during a Bout. A Tag cannot take place during the referee’s count following a knockdown.”

Though there seem to be a lot of rules for the bout, it’s pretty clear and concise. As far as winning the bout goes, DAZN explained that a team wins the Tag Team Bout in accordance with the Boxing Rules as though there were only two members taking place in the Tag Team Bout. Scorecards are calculated based on the performance of the boxers in the ring as though both team members are one person. If a member of a team is knocked out or a technical knockout is ruled by the referee, the other team shall win the Tag Team Bout.

The obvious doubt shoots into many Boxing purists minds when they hear of such chaos that could ensue. And I’ll admit, on first glance, it makes you do a double take. But, Misfits Boxing has continued to express that they want their brand to not only be Boxing, but entertainment as well and even specifically mentioned it being like the Boxing version of WWE. And that’s exactly what something like this is.

The good thing for Misfits is, this is a win-win in my eyes. If this works, you have something new that you can build upon and possibly even introduce Tag Team Championships to a Boxing promotion for the first time, making even more history. But, if it doesn’t work, they’ll known not to do it again early on and at least the disaster will be entertaining for the fans to watch. Everyone loves a good car wreck, right? So bad, but you just can’t look away.

Wether you’re a fan of cross-over Boxing or not, you’re probably lying if you say this doesn’t interest you in some sort of way. So, come March 4th, you bet we’ll be tuned in for the big Tag Team Boxing Match.

Misfits & DAZN: X Series 005 takes place March 4, 2023. The event is set to get underway at 7 p.m. GMT (8 p.m. BST) / 2 p.m. ET.

By Brady Alexander