Survivor Tag: Misfits Boxing 008 Review

Misfits Boxing Survivor Tag Rules Explained

Misfits Boxing 008 is set to go down this Saturday, July 22, 2023. The event is packed with influencer boxing action, but the main event sees a new rule set at play where four men battle it out with one winner.

Survivor Tag will main event this weekend with Dave, Swarmz, NichLMAO and Ryan Johnston being the four competitors in the match. Just because it’s called a Survivor Tag, does not mean it’s a tag team bout, every man is for themselves.

Misfits Survivor Tag Rules

Misfits Boxing has revealed the official rules for the bound there as follows; All four fighters will be given a designated corner of the ring, with only two competitors in the ring at a time. The first two fighters to start the bout will be decided by a fan poll that will be released by Misfits later this week on social media. Fighters can tag out of the action at any time, but you cannot tag the same person consecutively and refusal to tag in will result in elimination. Plus, a KO, TKO or a knock-down will also result in elimination. When a fighter is eliminated, the fighter clockwise to the eliminated corner will enter the match.

There will be four three-minute rounds and the fighters will switch out every round. if more than one fighter remains at the end of all rounds, the contest goes to the judge’s scorecards. Fighters can be awarded 8, 9 or 10 points per round depending on their performance. Any fighter who does not participate in any given round will be awarded 9 points.

Misfits Boxing 008 goes down Saturday on DAZN at 8 PM ET.

By: Brady Alexander

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