Misfits Boxing Pro Tournament - What We Know So Far: 1 Million Dollar Prize, 8 Pros, One Night & More

Misfits Boxing Pro Tournament – Astonishing Details Emerge: 1 Million Dollar Prize, 8 Pros, One Epic Fight Night

Misfits Boxing Pro Tournament Is Shaping up Behind The Scenes Of The Influencer Boxing World, But What Do We Know So Far?

After the pro tournament for Misfits Boxing was revealed by Mams Taylor to be in the works earlier in the year, many fans of Misfits Boxing have been speculating when it could happen, who would participate, and where it would take place.

With the rise of influencer boxing since 2018, a new breakaway section of it has been created which is known as ‘crossover boxing’ Sometimes people get these two terms intertwined and mixed up but they are two different things. Influencer boxing is when only influencers fight, like KSI Vs Logan Paul for example. Whereas Crossover Boxing is when an influencer fights a pro athlete or vice versa. An example of this would be Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz. Or Leveon Bell vs JMX.

Because of the sudden influx of pro fighters swarming the influencer boxing scene, trying to get some quick cash and achieve beyond what they would do in the actual pro side of their sport, many fans have become frustrated and want them to be stopped from fighting influencers.

Because of this, Misfits Boxing behind the scenes has been developing a ‘Misfits Boxing pro tournament’ where these pros that have come into the influencer boxing scene could fight each other to stop them from forcing themselves into fighting normal influencer boxers who realistically should never be fighting them.

How does the Misfits Boxing Pro Tournament work

Even though the Misfits Boxing Pro Tournament hasn’t been fully announced officially yet, there have been little hints and nuggets of information dropped about this pro tournament every now and again by people like Mams Taylor in interviews and on Twitter spaces.

From what we know so far, the tournament would take place all on one night, and it would be a bracket format where the losers fight losers and winners fight winners. It would include eight fighters and there would be a prize of 1 million for the winner of the whole tournament.

The tournament would most likely work very similar to the Boxxer series which is a one-day tournament that traditional boxing promoter Ben Shalom has hosted multiple times on Sky Sports. It has proved to work well and could easily be used as a framework for how this Misfits Boxing Pro Tournament could work.

Who is fighting in the Misfits boxing pro tournament?

Over the course of 2023, as more pro fighters have come into the influencer boxing scene and onto cards, more people have essentially put their names into the hat for being in the tournament. So far, it could include people like Michael Venom Page, Anthony Taylor, Idris Virgo, Paul Bamba, Mike Perry, Chris Avila, Aaron Chalmers, and Kiefer Crosbie.

When will the Misfits Boxing pro tournament be?

Due to the whole Misfits Boxing schedule being changed heavily behind the scenes after the recent KSI fight delay and Misfits Boxing realising they need to focus on fewer markets to build their brand more first in the UK & USA, it is unknown when this tournament could take place.

After it was seemingly confirmed in a teaser by Misfits Boxing themselves that their next show would be on October 14th, it is possible to suspect that any date before October would be out of the picture now for the tournament to take place.

The most likely choice for the location would be the UK since that’s where the Misfits Boxing brand is the strongest and would generate the most revenue to fund the event thanks to sponsors and other revenue streams that the company uses when staging events in the UK.

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By Owen Yard