Misfits 008 ANNOUNCED 4-Person Survivor-Tag Fight, Deen The Great Returns, Anthony Taylor And More

Misfits 008 ANNOUNCED: 4-Person Survivor-Tag Fight, Deen The Great Returns, Anthony Taylor And More

Misfits Boxing has finally announced its next show which will be in Nashville Tennessee on July 22nd.

Misfits 008 has finally been announced after a long wait due to behind-the-scenes issues with visas, fighters pulling out and other problems. The next blockbuster Misfits Boxing show which will be live and exclusive around the world on DAZN as part of your subscription.

Misfits 008 Fights

There will be five main card fights on Misfits 008, three of them being a traditional 1v1 matchup, one 2v2 tag-team match and one 1v1v1v1 ‘Survivor-Tag’ matchup.

Survivor-Tag: NichLmao vs Swarmz vs B Dave vs Ryan Johnston

Another new Misfits Boxing speciality has been introduced in this announcement and that is ‘Survivor-Tag’. This will see four different opponents all go up against one another in a last-man-standing type of fight. There will be only two fighters in the ring at any given time and you can tag anyone into the fight at any time to get yourself out.

Tag-Team: ‘Street Fighter 2’ vs OJ Rose & Kimbo Slice Jr

In the co-main event of Misfits 008, there will be tag-team boxing returning once again after the very successful first outing on Misfits 005 which defied all odds. In this new Tag-team matchup, Misfits champion Deen the Great will fight alongside lil cracra under their team name ‘Street fighter 2’. And they will be up against OJ Rose & Kimbo Slice Jr. There will be a 15lb weight disadvantage to team Streetfighter 2.

Anthony Taylor vs Paul Bamba

Anthony Taylor will make a quick turnaround after his surprise win over Misfits Boxing fan favourite Salt-Papi to face Paul Bamba. This fight will be fought at 185lbs according to Paul Bamba, who so far is extremely confident. Paul Bamba previously faced tough challenger Chris Avila which he lost in a unanimous decision.

Alan Belcher vs Hasim Rahman Jr

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter Alan Belcher will fight Hasim Rahman Jr. Rahman Jr was originally supposed to face Jimi Manuwa although, after changes behind the scenes, Alan Belcher has stepped up to face Hasim Rahman Jr. Hasim previously fought Greg Hardy who many thought he would beat but came up short after being knocked down and losing a points decision.

Brandon Herrera vs Ac7i0nman

New Misfits Boxing arrivals Brandon Herrera and Ac7i0nman (pronounced action man) will face off against each other to open the main card on the night in Nashville. This fight will be a first for both of them in influencer boxing as a whole. So a new star could potentially be born.

Fan reaction to Misfits 008

So far reaction to this announcement has been mixed from fans. Unfortunately due to the card being delayed so much, many influencers on Twitter were hyping up the card. Some with knowledge of what was actually going to be on it and some without. Causing fans to have extremely high expectations. It was also touted to be the ‘best non-PPV Misfits card’ yet by many.

Many fans have been saying they’d prefer fighters like Deen the Great to be in a more ‘traditional’ fight instead of a tag-team one to get him prepared for a Walid Sharks rematch, whereas others are extremely excited about the idea of a 4 man tag-survivor match.

Despite this, it is undeniable that this card certainly has a lot of big names from the Misfits Boxing scene on it such as NichLmao, Anthony Taylor, Deen the Great, Swarmz, B Dave and more.

Are you excited to watch Misfits 008?

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By Owen Yard