Misfits 007 Happy Punch Prelims - What To Expect

Misfits 007 Happy Punch Prelims – What To Expect

The First-Ever Happy Punch Prelims

Before the action starts on DAZN with the Misfits 007 KSI Vs Fournier main card, there will be the first-ever Happy Punch prelims streamed live and free on the Misfits Boxing Youtube channel. The Happy Punch prelims have been created and organized by Happy Punch promo and Keemstar. These prelims, if successful, will be a continuous occurrence on the big Misfits Boxing events that are Pay-Per-View cards. Such as the KSI shows etc.

Fights are not the only antics that will be happening on the Happy Punch Prelims, as the commentary team will be a sight to behold (and listen to) on the night. This is due to it consisting of Keemstar, Packgod, Mams Taylor and Jidion. Jidion will also be performing the United States of America’s national anthem before the WingsOfRedemption Vs Boogie2988 Misfits 007 Happy Punch prelims main event. Jidion recently posted a clip onto his Twitter account practising the national anthem with a vocal coach to a good reaction from fans as they expected him to sound terrible. Although, anything could still happen on fight night.

Luis Nestor Vs CallumTKing

Luis Nestor was originally supposed to face Archie, but after Archie failed a last-minute MRI brain scan once he arrived in the UK for fight week, the scramble was on to find a new opponent. Keemstar posted options on Twitter for the fans to have a say. Some of the potential replacement opponents consisted of Godson, TheBomberJensen and HarleyPlays. The eventual replacement was chosen which is CallumTKing, who is actually the brother of Archie. This bout will be contested at heavyweight, which means a knockout could be in play.

Zuckles Vs Mystery Opponent

Zuckles who is an Australian YouTuber, and part of a youtube group called Misfits (unrelated to Misfits Boxing) is a comedy/gamer YouTuber who has a large following across his social media in the millions. In the brief clips he has posted so far he has shown fast hands and a sharp jab. Things as simple as this can be what can win you a boxing match in Influencer Boxing by a large margin. His opponent, who is currently unknown will be making his Misfits debut most likely. Meaning the matchup will be between two complete novices, which often means entertainment.

Corn Vs Unbaer

The first matchup on the Misfits 007 prelims will be Corn vs Unbaer. Corn is a very popular account on Twitter, holding over 800,000 followers, and consistently getting very viral tweets. So far, Corn has posted very little footage of himself boxing, so his ability is currently unknown, although he is in fighting shape in a picture he posted recently. His opponent, Unbaer, is a TikToker with 250,000 followers and has been doing a lot to promote this fight. Recently getting himself banned from the National Art Gallery for placing a Misfits 007 fight poster in the gallery. He was also detained and fined 7,000 dollars.

Wings Of Redemption Vs Boogie2988

The headline of the Misfits 007 Happy Punch Prelims, and rightfully so, will be Wings of Redemption Vs Boogie2988. With both fighters weighing close to 400lbs, it will be a sight to behold when they are in the ring together. Keemstar has been mainly pushing this fight, by consistently posting about it on social media and making a short documentary which was posted to the Drama Alert channel. This fight is a must-win for both as they are both at the potential endpoints of their online careers forever after losing their money and respect from many online.

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By Owen Yard