Misfits 006 Who Is Fighting JMX, LeVeon Bell, Walid Sharks, And More news

Misfits 006 Who Is Fighting? JMX, LeVeon Bell, Walid Sharks, And More

Misfits 006 – All The fights

Misfits Boxing makes their anticipated return this weekend in New Orleans with Misfits 006, bringing a stacked card of talent and well-matched fights to the fans in attendance and viewers on DAZN.

Fangs vs Aleana Vampira

The fight which will be opening the Misfits Boxing 006 card is a bout between Fangs and Aleana Vampira. Fangs were previously booked to fight on two misfits cards but due to no fault of her own, both fights fell through and never happened. She is hoping this time there is nothing that gets in between her finally being able to fight on a Misfits 006 card. Her opponent Aleana Vampira is currently 1-0 and showed good punching accuracy and speed in the recent open workout.

Chase DeMoor vs Stevie Knight

Next up is a fight between Chase DeMoor and Stevie Knight. DeMoor previously featured on Misfits boxing in a fight against Josh Brueckner, which he lost. Specific clips of him circulated online after the fight of a moment where he threw and missed a punch which ended up being the main highlight of what was seen by many as a lackluster fight. As for Stevie Knight, he has not yet boxed in any form of influencer boxing event, but many are still picking him to beat Chase purely due to Chase’s last performance.

Kimbo Slice Jr vs OJ Rose

Kimbo Slice Jr versus OJ Rose is the next featured bout on the card. Kimbo Slice Jr, son of legend Kimbo Slice, has been wanting to get into the Influencer boxing scene for a while now and his opportunity has finally come along against OJ Rose. Rose previously fought Lee Bolden in an exhibition bout, scoring a round 2 TKO victory over his opponent. This time the bout will be a sanctioned pro bout as opposed to an exhibition though.

Walid Sharks vs Ayye Pap

Misfits 006 will also feature the much-anticipated return of Walid Sharks. Sharks were previously booked to fight on Misfits 005 in Telford but had two opponent pullouts meaning he ended up not fighting on the same night of his arch nemesis Deen the Great. Walid will be facing Ayye Pap who at the press conference made everyone aware if he beats Sharks he will be coming for Deen the Great next. Which is who Walid Sharks is wanting to fight next.

Uncle Pizza vs Elijah Smith

A relatively unknown name on the scene, Uncle Pizza will be making his misfits debut on Misfits 006. After having previously fought Kevin Correa on another card and scoring a round 2 stoppage he’ll be hoping to do the same if not better this time around. Standing in his way will be Elijah Smith. Elijah has no previous influencer boxing bouts, meaning his skill level is currently unknown. This bout will be contested at lightweight.

Minikon vs Jake The Viking

The second heavyweight bout of the night on Misfits 006 after Chase DeMoor and Stevie Knight face-off in the ring, will be between Minikon and Jake the Viking. Minikon has been seen on three influencer boxing events before and has racked up a record of 1-1, with a no-contest in there too. He will undoubtedly have the in-ring experience over Jake The Viking. Although on the other hand, Jake the Viking will have the size advantage, which he tried to impose on Minikon in their face-off where he shoved Minikon backward.

Chris Avila vs Paul Bamba

The co-featured bout of the Misfits 006 night is a much-anticipated bout between Chris Avila and Paul Bamba. Avila, who once was a pro-MMA fighter is now deep into the influencer boxing world after defeating Dr. Mike via unanimous decision on a Jake Paul undercard. Paul Bamba was booked to fight Tommy Fury on a Global Titans fight card but was stopped from having the fight due to contractual issues and has been trying to get a fight since. This fight will be at the light heavyweight limit and will be a pro-sanctioned bout.

JMX vs LeVeon Bell

The main event of Misfits 006 will be between the former American footballer LeVeon Bell and ex-football Youtuber JMX. JMX has fought in multiple influencer events in the past, most recently on Misfits 002 against Ginty, in which JMX won the bout via KO in round three. LeVeon Bell on the other hand has been a career athlete his whole life, and although his American football days are behind him, he will now be competing on misfits in the hopes of fighting Logan Paul if he comes out victorious on Friday.

By Owen Yard

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