Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis ANNOUNCED For Co-Main Event To KSI Vs Tommy Fury Prime Card On October 14th

Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis ANNOUNCED For Co-Main Event To KSI Vs Tommy Fury Prime Card On October 14th

Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis has finally been announced for the co-main event for the KSI Vs Tommy Fury ‘Prime Card’ at the AO Arena in Manchester.

The Influencer Boxing community is abuzz with the latest announcement that Logan Paul will go head-to-head with Dillon Danis in the co-main event, set to precede the much-anticipated match between KSI and Tommy Fury. This high-profile bout is part of the ‘Prime Card’ and is scheduled to take place on October 14th at the iconic Manchester Arena.

Logan Paul has previously ventured into the boxing realm with notable fights, including his famous bouts against KSI. Reflecting on his excitement and confidence about the upcoming match, Paul stated,
“The world has seen the energy, athleticism and showmanship I’ve brought to WWE, but this October I plan on reminding everyone that I can bring it to boxing too.”

On the other side, Dillon Danis, known primarily for his grappling expertise in the world of MMA, is not one to be outdone in words or the ring. Responding to Paul’s claims, Danis confidently asserted,
“I don’t care what Logan Paul has done in the WWE. Boxing is a different world. It’s my world. Logan Paul is getting beat down.”

Given the distinctive backgrounds of both fighters and their fiery statements, this matchup promises a mix of styles, strategies, and palpable tension, ensuring a treat for Influencer Boxing enthusiasts.

While the Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis announcement is creating significant waves, the main event featuring KSI vs. Tommy Fury is undoubtedly the night’s crown jewel. KSI, another YouTube sensation with a passion for boxing, will face off against Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight boxing world champion, Tyson Fury. Given the extensive fan base of both fighters, this match promises not only a sporting spectacle but also a significant cultural event.

Where and when will Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis be

Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis will be at the AO Arena Manchester will be the location for this fight, known for hosting numerous world-class events, is gearing up for a night filled with energy, passion, and top-tier boxing action. With two high-stakes fights leading the ‘Prime Card’, October 14th is shaping up to be an unforgettable night for boxing fans worldwide.

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By Owen Yard