Who Is Lauren Price Fighting Tonight In Paris And How Could The fight Play Out

Who Is Lauren Price Fighting Tonight In Paris And How Could The fight Play Out

Lauren Price has only had two fights in the professional boxing arena, but the way her latest opponent has been selected suggests that she will be pushed to progress rapidly. She is set to face Naomi Mannes, another welterweight challenger from Europe, who had an unblemished record before being defeated by Briton Kirstie Bavington in a title match. In her previous fight, Lauren Price squared off against Timea Belik, who had also lost to Bavington in a European title bout.

How did Mannes look in her last fight?

In that specific fight, Bavington was successful in bridging the gap between her and Mannes. Initially, Mannes had intended to box from a distance, but Bavington managed to draw her into a brawl, which turned out to be one-sided.

I was surprised by how easily Bavington disrupted Mannes’ game plan, especially since I had previously praised Mannes’ boxing skills. I had compared it to the AJ Usyk 1 fight and believed that Bavington would need to utilize a jab, doubling it up at times, to counter Mannes’ movement, while still focusing on outworking her rather than outboxing her. However, in the end, Bavington outworked Mannes without relying on a consistent jab.

So how did this weigh up for Lauren Price on Saturday? 

Although a win is never guaranteed, Lauren Price’s approach in her fight on Saturday night as a Gold medallist in the Olympic games will be crucial. One possible strategy is for her to try to outdo Bavington and stop Mannes, especially since Mannes has been shown to back up to the ropes. Price has already achieved a stoppage against Belik, who went the distance with Bavington. However, it should be noted that this is only Price’s third fight.

Alternatively, Price could opt to gain some valuable rounds against Mannes, who is a well-schooled mover, and test out different traps to nullify Mannes’ boxing ability. This approach would help develop Price as a one-to-watch contender. On the other hand, the first option would aid in marketing Price as a must-see fighter.

So while Lauren Price’s win is not guaranteed, her approach to the fight will play a crucial role in determining the outcome. The first option emphasizes her marketability as a must-see fighter, while the second option focuses on her development as a promising contender.

We’ll find out tonight on Sky Sports. 

By Harry Duffy

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