KSI vs Tommy Fury Fight In Jeopardy After New Contractual Issues Arise

KSI vs Tommy Fury Fight In Jeopardy After New Contractual Issues Arise

KSI vs Tommy Fury Fight In Jeopardy After New Contractual Issues Arise From Tommy Fury

KSI vs Tommy could be in serious trouble as KSI has revealed in a new video uploaded to his youtube channel ‘JJ Olatunji’ that his fight against Tommy Fury may not happen after all, due to new issues that have arisen in the contract negotiations only recently.

In the video simply titled: “My Message To Tommy Fury”, KSI goes on to say:

“I don’t think this fight is happening anymore, Tommy Fury is simply being difficult. Making this four-month negotiation an absolute chore. I mean we agreed on all the terms, we agreed on paying you exactly what you asked for, we agreed the amount of rounds, we agreed to fight at 180lbs with no rehydration clause, and we also agreed to fight in your hometown Manchester. We agreed on all of that then you chose to move the goalposts yet again. Now you’re demanding that we fight at 185lbs or we’re not fighting at all”

KSI then goes on to play a video clip from a Tommy Fury interview where Tommy says he is fine with boxing at 180 lbs since he used to box at the light heavyweight limit (175 lbs). KSI after playing this clip goes on a quick rant about how Tommy Fury is constantly “chatting sh*t”, how he’s been boxing his whole life, has Fury as his surname but still wot sign the contract.

“I don’t need to do this, I don’t need to fight, I choose to fight. so I want you to listen you delusional piece of sh*t, you’re disrespecting me and that’s piss*ng me off. Sign the contract as it is or else I’m fighting someone else. I’m tired of this back-and-fourth with your stupid ass team, and I damn well know you’re not gonna be getting that type of money anywhere else, not even Saudi Arabia bro.”

KSI then sets Tommy Fury a deadline to sign the contract otherwise he will be moving on from the fight:

“You have until Monday 3rd July 6PM BST to sign the contract. If you don’t sign it im moving on. And that’s that. Remember, you need me, I definitely do not need you.”

Will KSI Vs Tommy Fury actually happen

After these new contract issues have sprung up, it is unclear whether we will actually see KSI Vs Tommy Fury happen. With the Tyson Fury-esque deadline KSI has set, Tommy Fury now only has three days to decide whether he genuinely wants to fight KSI in what would arguably be the biggest boxing fight on UK soil in 2023.

KSI Vs Tommy Fury in Manchester arena would’ve undoubtedly sold out within a day as it was an extremely highly anticipated fight after Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia, which was reportedly watched by over 8000,000 on PPV. On top of that, KSI was coming off of the back of 4 knockout victories over three different Misfits Boxing shows, which in total generated a reported 1.045 million PPV buys over the 3 events.

Do You think KSI Vs Tommy Fury will happen? Or do you think KSI Vs Tommy Fury was doomed from the start?

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By Owen Yard