KSI Vs Tommy Fury ANNOUNCED Mega Fight To Land At Manchester Arena On October 14th

KSI Vs Tommy Fury ANNOUNCED Mega Fight To Land At Manchester Arena On October 14th

KSI Vs Tommy Fury was first teased live on Misfits 008 back on July 23rd, but now it has finally officially been announced

The KSI Vs Tommy Fury fight will not be sanctioned by the British Board of Boxing Control. This means it will not count towards both KSI’s and Tommy Fury’s official pro record. Although, the fight will be conducted under the same ruleset that the British Board of Boxing Control uses.

The fight Is expected to draw huge attention from both Influencer Boxing and traditional boxing fans just like how Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury did. Which reportedly grossed between 500-800 thousand pay-per-view buys. If this fight managed to achieve those types of numbers it would be one of the biggest UK Boxing fights this year.

KSI Vs Tommy Fury Undercard

The undercard will mainly consist of already well-established names on Misfits Boxing. Logan Paul will be making his Misfits Boxing debut against previous potential KSI opponent Dillon Danis (who pulled out of his fight against KSI). Also expected to be on the card are influencers such as Slim, Salt-papi, Ryan Taylor and more.

KSI Vs Tommy Fury Location

The fight will be taking place at the AO Arena in Manchester United Kingdom. Fans originally thought the fight would take place in London in a venue such as the o2, but since Tommy Fury wanted a home advantage the fight will be taking place closer to his home in Manchester.

The venue was the original location in which KSI Vs Logan Paul originally took place. So it will be familiar to KSI to box there which is a slight advantage to him, albeit not a huge one.

KSI Vs Tommy Fury Date

The mega fight will be taking place on October 14th. KSI’s original fight date for his next fight after Joe Fournier was supposed to be August 26th but that plan quickly fell apart after negotiations with the Fury’s stalled due to extreme financial demands among other things from the Fury family for the fight.

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By Owen Yard