KSI vs Salt Papi Is Still A Must As Mayweather Distances Himself From All-Star Tag Team

KSI vs Salt Papi Is Still A Must As Mayweather Distances Himself From All-Star Tag Team

KSI vs Salt Papi one-on-one is still a must after Floyd Mayweather shows no interest in the all-star tag team event.

On Monday night, Happy Punch Promotions had the crossover boxing world on notice by teasing a potential tag-team team match between a duo of KSI and Floyd Mayweather and the Filipino double act of Salt Papi and Manny Pacquiao. 

KSI vs Salt Papi Is Still A Must

Floyd has since shared an Instagram story of a news article declaring that the mouth-watering fight was a non-starter, with the highlighted report stating ‘the fight is not happening.’ 

However, that shouldn’t take away from the fact that KSI vs Salt Papi should meet one-on-one and next. That’s because the time is right for the fight now, and if the moment isn’t seized now, the window of opportunity may be missed. 

The rationale behind that logic is that the end goal for KSI’s return to the ring was always about eventually clashing with Jake Paul. Jake is tied up with a rematch against Tommy Fury, ruling both those men out as opponents. And on Side+, KSI signaled that along with those two, the other man he would “destroy” was Salt Papi, so why haven’t we seen KSI talk that much about the KSI vs Salt Papi fight?

So, the Filipino is a highly relevant fighter for KSI but he is also a highly marketable fighter and highly skilled fighter for KSI. I’ll go into those other two pulling points now. 

Firstly, Salt Papi had caught my eye for his quirky dance maneuvers on social media during the inaugural Misfits fight week event and that equated to deep love from the London fans at the weigh-in before his fight with Andy Warski. He could bring a unique build-up, and also a slight nudge of conflict for some UK influencer boxing fans because of his natural likeability. 

He would go on to blast away Warski, immediately catching my eye for a second time that week, as well as the whole of the traditional boxing community. He actually had impressive boxing fundamentals and good technique. 

He’s continued to prove that in his subsequent bouts since, including another London outing. His ability to draw in London will not go unnoticed with Team KSI.

When Will We See KSI vs Salt Papi ?

As for timing, it has to be now. KSI needs a capable opponent to make up for his relative lack of experience, compared to Tommy and Jake. 

Also, he needs to avoid becoming AJ in the middle of the Wilder and Tyson Fury fights. Because if Jake Paul and Tommy Fury see they can make money without KSI, it will make negotiations all the more difficult, when those two do eventually call an end to their rivalry. But if KSI delivers a statement win over Salt Papi in a global event, the winner of Fury Paul won’t be able to resist the clamor from fans to take him on.

For the fans of influencer boxing, KSI vs Salt Papi must happen.

By Harry Duffy

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