KSI Elbow KO - Was It Intentional, Should He Face Punishment, And Will He Fight Again?

KSI Elbow KO – Was It Intentional, Should He Face Punishment, And Will He Fight Again?

KSI Elbow KO’s opponent unintentionally to win his bout against Joe Fournier on Misfits 007

After a massive night of action on Misfits 007 which included big KOs, absolute wars and big upsets. The final fight of the night left fans with a bittersweet taste in their mouths after it was revealed on the replay on the broadcast of KSI’s KO that it was actually an elbow that knocked out Joe Fournier. In the interviews by DAZN on the broadcast, KSI was unaware of his unintentional elbow KO, which led people online to become even more outraged since they felt like he knew what he had done.

Jake Paul’s reaction to the knockout victory

Shortly after the fight concluded and fans were able to take in and realise what happened during the fight, Jake Paul tweeted out his thoughts on the knockout win on his Twitter: “I respect boxing too much to respect what that was. If that was indeed a real boxing match it will be ruled a no contest or disqualification” With a clip of KSI knocking out Fournier attached to the tweet.

Jake is clearly alluding to the fact that the United Kingdom Misfits shows do not use the British Board of Boxing control as the governing body for their events, but instead use the PBA instead when saying “If that was indeed a real boxing match”. This was one of the early sticking points in the original failed KSI vs Jake Paul fight negotiations but was eventually overcome until another roadblock was hit in the negotiations.

Will KSI be disqualified for his elbow KO?

After the initial fan reaction online to the fact that KSI hit Fournier with an elbow, people began discussing whether KSI will receive any sort of punishment from the PBA for his elbow KO of Fournier. Some fans said that it should be a disqualification whereas others said it should be a no-contest.

The most likely outcome depends upon how much authority Misfits have over the PBA in terms of the event governing since they employ them regularly to govern their events. Although there are only a very small number of other governing bodies that would sanction the Misfit’s events, the PBA may have more power than we suspect in this situation.

The two most likely outcomes based on what KSI, Kalle and Mams Taylor have said so far is that the decision will not be overturned at all. Although the PBA has currently not publically talked on the matter, a no-contest ruling could still be in play.

Will Joe Fournier get a rematch?

Immediately after the fight in Joe Fournier’s locker room, in an interview with Fred Talks Fighting, Joe Fournier claimed that he does want the rematch, and said that KSI hit him with an illegal blow and the fight should be ruled a disqualification win in his favour.

Joe Fournier also claimed that Alexis Demetriades from London Shoot Fighters (the gym KSI trains at) threatened him in the corner after his loss. Saying “He was like, you better watch yourself, I hold all the cards in this game, blah blah blah, trying to be threatening… They should be embarrassed for that”.

In the post-fight press conference, Joe Fournier announced that he will also be appealing the decision of KSI KO win. This could throw a spanner in the works for KSI Vs Fury if the fight is overturned as a disqualification loss, as KSI will want to right that wrong and have a rematch with Fournier potentially.

KSI’s Response to the Elbow KO

In a question asked by Radio Rahim for Boxing Social at the post-fight press conference, in which he said Fournier said it was an illegal elbow shot, KSI responded by saying “Well I hit him with an overhand, he came through trying to survive, right to the body, he’s trying to hold onto me, then I gave him a right hook” Radio Rahim replied, “Did you feel anything on the elbow?” KSI responded, “Honestly it was so fast I didn’t even think I hit him with an elbow”.

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By Owen Yard