KSI Apologizes After Making Racist Remark In Latest Sidemen Video

KSI Apologizes After Making Racist Remark In Latest Sidemen Video

KSI apologizes after making a racist remark in the latest ‘Sidemen Sunday’ episode which was their own version of the popular British television show ‘countdown’ where the contestants must make up a word using a random set of letters to gain points, KSI said a racist remark which is often used against people of Pakistani descent in British slang. And as an offensive slur is often used indiscriminately towards people of perceived South Asian descent in general. This has caused a large amount of backlash online by his own fans and people on the internet.

In the video, there was a round in which KSI’s team was very far behind on points, he saw that he could make up the word using the letters his team had available and he proceeded to do so. Without any consequences in the moment when he was with his fellow Sidemen members and other friends, they all mostly laughed it off after a moment of shock and disbelief after he said it.

In the video, KSI said: “Ight look, we need points innit alright, I don’t mean this maliciously but the word (Racial slur)” The video then proceeded to bleep out the word and what he said shortly after it. He then went on to say “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, we need points, guys come on…” Which he was saying this the other you-tubers in the video such as Zerkaa, Ethan, and Harry among others were laughing and trying to hold back their laughter in the shock of the moment.

The online reaction from fans and others

Once the video was uploaded, there was quickly a high amount of backlash online (mainly Twitter) from people in the communities that the word is often targeted towards. One person tweeted the clip of KSI saying the remark from the video with the caption: ” Nah @ksi you’re not funny man you cannot say “P*ki” in any context. These lot will do anything for content”

In a quote tweet to the one described above, another person said: “You see @ksi the issue you have here is that a lot of Pakistanis can make things very difficult for you and anyone giggling in this video. When they catch up with you, I hope the dead countdown joke was worth it… Wakey Wines was getting his compensation in advance.

On KSI’s subreddit page, which has a wide variety of his fans that include his large Indian and Pakistani fanbase, actively discuss and comment on his latest antics, the discussion about the racist remark was in full flow quickly after the online reaction heated up. One user made a post which was titled: “JJ was an Idiot not racist” This particular fan goes on to say how half of their family is Pakistani, and that he was disappointed to see that KSI said the word but doesn’t think he is a racist. “I was disappointed to hear JJ use it tbh. But do I think he’s racist? No, I just think he’s an idiot who wanted to get some laughs and I’m under no illusion off camera they all say worse shit.”

In a response to this post on the subreddit page, a fan commented: ” I feel another bad part of it was that they all just laughed it off like I understand what else can they do as it would have been awkward but they should have called it out and removed it from the vid”

KSI & the Sidemen’s response and apology

Since the backlash, both KSI and the Sidemen have made public apologies for the incident. KSI posted his first on his social media accounts which said: “I wanna apologize for saying a racial slur in a recent Sidemen video. There’s no excuse, no matter the circumstances, I shouldn’t have said it and I’m sorry. I’ve always said to my audience that they shouldn’t worship me or put me on a pedestal because I’m human. I’m not perfect, I’m gonna mess up in life, and lately, I’ve been messing up a lot. So I’ve decided I’m gonna just take a break from social media for a while.”

The sidemen apology on behalf of the group and everyone else in the video quickly followed which was also posted on their social media accounts as an image:

What’s next for KSI and the Sidemen?

After KSI announced his short break from social media in his apology to the people who he hurt with his remark, many fans have been questioning when he might return since his upcoming fight on May 13th against 9-0 Boxer/Billionaire Joe Fournier is quickly approaching. While other fans were questioning if that is even the thing that should be discussed after what was said.

On top of this, many fans have also been debating whether the upcoming ‘Sidemen Sunday’ videos will be affected since they are recorded in advance, things such as KSI not appearing or there not being a video at all could be options taken by the group of you-tubers.

If you or someone you know is being affected by racism and need help, please follow the link below to understand how it can affect yourself or others and to get help if it is needed. Young Minds

By Owen Yard

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