Kingpyn Semi Finals Results, Whindersson Nunes Vs King Kenny, AnEsonGib Vs Jarvis, XXX Moment & More

Kingpyn Semi Finals Fight Results, Whindersson Nunes Vs King Kenny, AnEsonGib Vs Jarvis, XXX Moment & More

Kingpyn Semi Finals have reached an epic conclusion with multiple best performances from influencers and crazy moments throughout the night.

Kingpyn Semi Finals results included some of the best performances ever seen in influencer boxing and one of the craziest moments ever in influencer boxing which could make people at DAZN very unhappy with Kingpyn.

Based on the current online reaction bar a few, it is clear that the second Kingpyn event has blown the first event out of the water in terms of excitement and quality on the show. As well as that, overall the fights on the card were very entertaining despite there not being a lot of stoppages and knockdowns on the overall show.

Kingpyn Semi Finals results

Whindersson Nunes Vs King Kenny

In the main event of the night, Whindersson Nunes faced off against King Kenny in a five-round contest. In which King Kenny delivered arguably the best-ever performance in Influencer Boxing with a dominant unanimous decision victory over Whindersson Nunes, along with a very clinical knockdown in round two.

AnEsonGib Vs Jarvis

In the buildup to AnEsonGib Vs Jarvis many people predicted a competitive fight due to Jarvis training in the ‘dog house’ in Floyd Mayweathers gym in Las Vegas. And although Gib did win as many predicted, the manner in which he did was the main difference as he put a beatdown onto Jarvis for 4 of the five rounds in their fight to win a unanimous decision.

Crosbie Vs Chalmers

The Kingpyn Semi Finals results for Crosbie Vs Chalmers involved Chalmers having a solid start in their fight, but eventually slowing down, losing his timing and losing a point decision. He was almost dropped hard by Crosbie in the mid-late rounds of their fight.

6ar6ie6 Vs Emily Brooke

6ar6ie6 Vs Emily Brooke showed once again that the Brooke sisters have unbelievable chins as they can take multiple huge shots and still continue pushing forward and trying to win. And this is essentially how this fight went. 6ar6ie6 landed huge shots all fight while Emily had little success. 6ar6ie6 won via a points decision.

Elle Brooke Vs Jully Poca

In a shock upset, the kingpyn Semi Finals results included a shock loss with Elle Brooke suffering her first defeat in Influencer Boxing to Jully Poca. Jully looked exceptional on the night, landing huge straight punches on Elle and nullifying her usual inside fighting. Jully won a points decision over Elle.

Cowley Vs Tierney

The Kingpyn Semi Finals results for Cowley Vs Tierney included a tough back-and-forth fight between the two, with Cley eventually coming out on top. Scoring a points victory over Tierney.

Daniella Vs Ms.Danielka

The Kingpyn semi finals results also included one of the most shocking moments in influencer boxing. After Daniella Hemsley won her fight against Ms.Danielka on points, she proceeded to flash her breasts in the centre of the ring, in the middle of the arena on the live broadcast. This caused chaos online, people loved it, while others hated it. Daniella has stated since that she was wearing tassels but they came off due to sweat, and she did get written permission from Kingpyn to do this.

Amber Vs Whitney Johns

Amber Vs Whitney Johns was the first fight of the night on the main card. it was also one of two fights in the Kingpyn women’s losers bracket. This fight consisted of a beatdown from round one to five from Whitney Johns to Amber O’Donnel. Leading Whitney to win a unanimous decision victory over Amber.

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By Owen Yard