KINGPYN LOSE Their PBA License Just 2 Weeks Before Their Tournament

KINGPYN LOSE Their PBA License Just 2 Weeks Before Their Tournament

Kingpyn have lost their PBA license only 2 weeks before their tournament.

With a little over 2 weeks to go until Kingpyn’s ‘High Stakes Tournament’ featuring popular influencer boxers such as AnEsonGib, King Kenny and Elle Brooke, the sanctioning body the PBA (Professional Boxing Association) has suddenly revoked their license. This news came unexpectedly to many fans online and to many influencers in the scene too.
The PBA, first posting the news on their Instagram page (@pbaboxing) posted their news with the caption “PBA has withdrawn sanction from the upcoming KingpynBoxing tournament and suspended Kingpyn’s PBA Promoters license until further notice” Without any explanation as to why they had removed their sanction from the upcoming event and suspended KingPyn’s license, many fans were left very shocked and confused.

Fan reaction to the KINGPYN PBA license removal

Many fans reacted to the announcement both on Twitter and Instagram shock and confusion. One fan said in reply to the PBA post on Instagram: “Why post this without any reasoning?”, another fan on the comments of the same post said “Is there at least an explanation for this? Also why hasn’t Austin McBroom been suspended for doing iv before his fight when Amir Khan just got suspended for 2 years for the exact same thing with his fight against kell brook?”
Over on Twitter on the @HappyPunch twitter page which posts news/updates about the influencer boxing scene, they posted the news that the PBA removed its sanctioning and fans reacted much differently. One person said: “Lmao. Gib bout to literally regret dissing mam’s” whereas another person said “Mams Taylor and KSI definitely behind this sabotage lol, someone explain to me why PBA won’t suspend Misfits too and only KingPyn?”

Who will be the new sanctioning body for KingPyn’s ‘High Stakes Tournament’?

Shortly after the PBA’s announcement of their sanctioning and license removal from the promoter, KingPyn themselves posted on their social accounts that they would now be moving ahead with the ISKA sanctioning body (International Sport Karate Association) as their sanctioning body for their upcoming ‘HighStakesTournament’.
ISKA has previously been the sanctioning body of other influencer boxing events such as ‘Social Gloves 1′, which has featured Austin McBroom versus Bryce Hall as the main event along with AnEsonGib versus Taylor Holder on the card. That latter one ended up being a draw, causing the whole influencer boxing fanbase at the time to voice their concerns against the commission and show. This was mostly due to the decision being extremely dubious. Essentially everyone believed AnEsonGib won the fight. The decision was of course overturned shortly after, although it has still left a bad taste in many peoples’ mouths about the commission.

Kingpyn and PBA statements regarding the situation

While writing this, the situation has been constantly changing with new statements and news breaking regarding the situation every few minutes. The latest pieces of information are statements from both Kingpyn and the PBA which explain their side of the story:

We’d like to update that we will be partnering with the world-renowned ISKA sanctioning body for the upcoming Kingpyn tournament.
Over the last few months, we have been making an internal decision as to which entity the Kingpyn Tournament should sit beneath and decided upon the hugely experienced ISKA, and we are delighted to now be able to announce this partnership.
As an aside, we are also aware of a recent post by the PBA stating that Kingpyn’s licence with them is ‘suspended’. We believe this to be poor choice of words, suggesting some sort of wrongdoing on Kingpyn’s part. Whereby , the reality of the situation, is that we simply had to decide upon our preferred sanctioning body for the event and selected ISKA.
We look forward to the start of our partnership on saturday 22nd April at the OVO Arena Wembley, when our 16 tournament fighters will be competing for the first ever Kingpyn belts!”

The PBA statement reads:
“5pm was the deadline for Kingpyn to have documents to us for this tier of sanctioning, they were fully aware of this. 5pm arrived and we were not satisfied, therefore have to detach liability from the promotion.
The setup behind the scenes is absolute chaos, there is quite literally 1 person attempting to run it all. The same individual behind the chaotic and failed events Showstar. Mayweather/Deji & Mayweather/Chalmers, has no real clue what he’s doing. Unlike Misfits who are partnered with Wasserman and truly understand sanctioned Pro boxing.
The problem is that the 2 promoters and 1 event organiser from Kingpyn are from an MMA background (no governing body) and unlicensed boxing. The tier of sanctioning that we have in place requires a Pro boxing medical and everything that comes with it, the individuals behind Kingpyn have never operated at that level and cannot grasp it.”

As clearly displayed in the two statements from both, tensions seem to be extremely high between Kingpyn and the PBA at the moment, which could lead to further accusations, name-calling, and statements very soon on the matter. For the latest updates, make sure to follow @NoSmokeSport on Twitter and keep up to date on the latest sport news.

By Owen Yard

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