KingPyn Boxing Preview Whindersson Nunes vs. King Kenny news

KingPyn Boxing Preview: Whindersson Nunes vs King Kenny 

KingPyn Boxing is back for its second event this Saturday, July 15, 2023. At points in time from April until now, there were many that believed this semi-final wouldn’t happen. From fighters pulling out, to dates being moved and even a full event cancellation at one point until DAZN stepped in to play host, it was a scary scene for KingPyn Boxing. But, we made it. 

Now, we have a nine-fight card set for Dublin, Irelands 3Arena, headlined by the semi-finals bout between Whindersson Nunes and King Kenny. Plus, we have some loser’s bracket fights and wild card matchups to fill the rest of the card. So, I’ll be previewing the bouts heading into this weekend. First up, the main event. Let’s get into it. 

Whindersson Nunes vs King Kenny on Kingpyn Boxing

The main event of this card is sure to be firecrackers as these two favorites step into the ring. Many fans believe one of these two could win it all, and it isn’t even a finals matchup. On one hand, we have Whindersson Nunes, the multi-talented performer from Brazil who got popular off of music, YouTube, and even standup comedy, which he sells out shows across his native land in the biggest arenas. This guy is a superstar, and easily the biggest name in the entire tournament. But, when it comes to boxing, we haven’t seen much of what he has to offer.

Whindersson has had three fights in the past, one being a decision win back in 2019 in Brazil, which was an amateur bout. His second was a draw in Brazil, which was an exhibition bout in 2022, then, the KingPyn Boxing first-round matchup where he TKO’d Filipek in the second round. During the fight, Whindersson showed great head movement and kept poking out his jab, which did wonders for him throughout the fight. Whindersson dropped Filipek twice in the second round with headshots before delivering a liver shot that put a stop to the bout. Though Whindersson Nunes looked great, there is one issue. He wasn’t tested.

On the other hand, we have King Kenny. A man who’s been at this influencer boxing game non-stop now with five fights spanning only a year. Kenny has a record of 3-2 with one of his losses being very controversial. Kenny has always had some sort of talent, even from the start, but he showed in the first round of the KingPyn Boxing tournament that he’s leveled up and he’s better than ever.

In early April, King Kenny fought Ashley Rak-Su on a Misfits card and didn’t look like himself. In fact, he looked worse than he ever has. He lost a decision after barely throwing any punches and just defending shots. Following the bout, Kenny realized he was just off on that night and had to come back better than ever, and that’s what he did. Later that month, King Kenny took on MyMateNate in the opening round of KingPyn’s tournament, and he looked like a world-beater. Kenny came out fast, throwing his jab to the face and connecting with it almost every time. Meanwhile, Nate continued to try and grab to tie Kenny up, but it just wasn’t enough.

King Kenny walked him down with the jab in the first round and dropped him with a hook before the round ended. The footwork of King Kenny looked outstanding and as the second round began, he had enough confidence in himself to let his hands go, and he dropped Nate almost immediately as the second round began with a nice right hand. Seconds later, another right hand connected and it was all she wrote.

King Kenny finishes Nate in the second round. On that night, no one was more on than King Kenny, showing that he was right, in his previous bout he just wasn’t there. But, he sure was this time and he’s looking to win the whole tournament. There are arguments to be made that King Kenny has the best footwork out of anyone in the tournament, but again, much like Whindersson, he wasn’t tested in his first-round matchup. 

Now, what happens when you put two guys who you know will walk forward and throw against each other? Hopefully fireworks. Whindersson is going to get a real test for the first time, with someone actually throwing back at him and it’ll be interesting to see how he handles it. But, Whidnersson will also be throwing back, and we’ll get to see if King Kenny can use his footwork to actually get out of harm’s way instead of just styling on his opponent like he did last time. 

There’s a feeling of unknown for this matchup, and that’s what makes it so exciting. So many unanswered questions going into the main event due to neither man being tested. We’ve seen the other two men in the co-main event be tested previously, but with King Kenny, can he take a vicious body shot from Nunes? Something Filipek couldn’t handle.

But, can Whindersson take a clean shot to the head from King Kenny? Something he didn’t have to worry about at all the first time around. And, as seen at the first event, fans come out in packs for Whindersson Nunes, he was easily the most cheered-for fighter, even in the United Kingdom. Can King Kenny handle the pressures of being booed out of the building if Brazil shows up in Ireland once again?

Who’s going to the finals? There are so many questions and the answers will be revealed this Saturday in the main event of the KingPyn Boxing Semi-Finals live on DAZN at 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. EDT. May the best man win. 

By: Brady Alexander

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