KingPyn Boxing Preview: Elle Brooke vs. Jully Poca

KingPyn Boxing Preview: Elle Brooke vs. Jully Poca

KingPyn Boxing has its semi-finals event this Saturday, July 15, 2023. With nine fights on the card and four semi-final matchups combined for the women and men in this tournament, it’s sure to be an exciting event.

We’ve previewed the men’s side of the bracket, and now we hop over to the women’s side where up first, we have a new fighter taking on someone with experience in the ring. 

Elle Brooke vs. Jully Poca – Kingpyn Boxing

Elle Brooke is no stranger to the influencer boxing scene at this point. She’s heading into her fourth bout this Saturday with an undefeated 3-0 record. Elle got her start back in 2022 when she defeated AJ Bunker by decision. Then, in January of 2023, Elle Brooke showed off her improvements by defeating Faith Ordway by total domination and picked up a TKO victory in round one. The two-fight win streak led her to the KingPyn Boxing Tournament where she took on Ms. Danielka in the first round. 

Though Elle is the single most experienced girl in this tournament, she’s also the smallest. Ms. Danielka on the other hand, had the height and reach advantage by a clear margin. As the fight began, Elle Brooke came out swinging, and it seemed like she was looking to end the fight early. But again, that reach advantage for Danielka proved to be a big factor in the fight as she stuck her jab out there and kept the distance, trying her best not to let Elle get on the inside, which she desperately needed. Luckily for Elle, her chin holds up and she was able to eat a few to get on the inside. It seemed like Danielka’s shots weren’t powerful enough to put her down, so Elle bit down on the mouthpiece and walked her down the entire fight. From round one all the way until round five, Elle Brooke just kept walking forward, kept pushing the pace, and even when both were visibly exhausted in the final round, Elle just kept going until the end. 

After picking up the unanimous decision win, Elle was very honest in saying that she knew these fights would be hard for her because of her smaller stature. But, you can’t count her out when she’s a motor that just won’t stop running. Another challenge now awaits Elle Brooke as she takes on another bigger, longer opponent in Jully Poca. 

Jully Poca made her debut in the KingPyn Boxing Tournament. In the fight space, the Brazilian was pretty much unknown. But, much like her fellow countryman on the men’s side, Whindersson Nunes, the Brazilian fans came out in packs to cheer on their home country fighter. With the fans already behind Jully, she had to step in and prove she could go against Daniella Hemsley in the first round, who also was making her boxing debut. Two fighters we knew nothing about, but they left it all in the ring for the opening round of the tournament. 

Jully Poca came out guns blazing in the first round. Jabs and hooks were being thrown as fast as she could, she also seemingly looked like she wanted to end things early. Daniella did a lot of backing up and trying to swing on the back foot, but it wasn’t working out. Jully continue to slide the jab right between the guard before throwing a wild hook to follow it up. When Jully realized that Daniella was throwing in what seemed to be slow motion, and the shots were not hurting her if they connected, she turned up the gas even more and started going to the body. Now, props to Daniella, she held up the entire fight and we went to a decision, which was a unanimous victory for Jully Poca. 

Though it was both ladies’ first time stepping into the ring, it was clear that Jully Poca was just simply better. But, how will she hold up against the most experienced fighter in the women’s bracket? Elle Brooke draws yet another bigger opponent, but she proved before that she could find a way to win no matter what. Jully has to figure out a way to outbox Elle Brooke. As simple as that may sound, Elle Brooke won’t gas out easily, she will continue to walk forward and take a shot to give a shot if need be. Jully can’t fall victim to Elle’s game and she has to keep her distance and use her range to her advantage. 

Coming into this tournament, Elle Brooke was a clear favorite due to her experience. But now, with the first-time butterflies out of her stomach, could Jully Poca pull off a massive upset this Saturday? 

One of these ladies is going to the finals, but who will it be? The answers will be revealed this Saturday in the KingPyn Semi-Finals live on DAZN at 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. EDT. May the best woman win. 

By: Brady Alexander

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