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KingPyn Boxing Preview: AnesonGib vs. Jarvis

KingPyn Boxing has its semi-finals event this Saturday, July 15, 2023. With nine fights on the card and four semi-final matchups combined for the women and men in this tournament, it’s sure to be an exciting event.

We’ve already previewed the main event of the card, but now, we have to take a look at what could be the fan-favorite fight of the night when the United Kingdom’s own clash against each other. 

AnesonGib vs Jarvis on Kingpyn Boxing

AnesonGib, otherwise known as just Gib, is the longest-tenured influencer boxer in this entire tournament. Gib got his start back in 2018 on the undercard of the now-infamous KSI vs. Joe Weller event. This was one of the events that really pushed influencer boxing to where it is now. So, you could say Gib is an OG in this game. At a record of 5-1, Gib has run through the likes of MaxPlays, Jay Swingler, Tayler Holder & Austin McBroom, twice. His one sole loss is to a man that many deem one of, if not the best influencer boxer, Jake Paul. 

After the loss, Gib became more confident and vowed to destroy whoever was in his path. Back in 2022, that man was Austin McBroom. Gib had some trouble early on in the fight, even being knocked down, but in the fourth round, Gib put a stamp on it and knocked out Austin McBroom in the center of the ring, flat on his back. Before and after the fight, tensions continued to rise between McBroom and Gib, with Austin claiming he was sick and wasn’t 100% going into the fight. Suddenly, in a wild turn of events, these two were randomly selected to face off in a rematch. This time, it would be in the first round of the KingPyn Boxing Tournament.

Call it rigged, call it luck of the draw, it didn’t matter, because with all the excuses and arguments back and forth between the two men, we got to see a rematch to determine who really was the better man. We can now safely say that man is Gib. April 22, 2023, the opening round of the KingPyn Boxing Tournament. Both men started off slow, poking out their jabs and showing some defensive footwork. Gib started to throw some big shots as the round started to come to an end, but nothing was connecting flush. In the second round, Gib got his confidence and started to walk Austin down by throwing some wild hard shots, mixing it up from the body to the head. Gib was inviting a brawl, and it was clear McBroom wanted no part of it as he clinched Gib every time he got close. The onslaught of Gib began to frustrate Austin and he started to fire back as the second round came to a close. Then, in the third round, it happened. 

Much like the second round, Gib came out like a man on a mission. Throwing bombing left hands and walking Austin down. McBroom tried to clinch more, but it seems that was his downfall. In a weird turn of events, Austin clinched up Gib and they did an awkward turn against the ropes and suddenly Austin started wincing in pain. It seemed as if Austin McBroom twisted his ankle during the clinch and was in too much pain to continue, causing the ref to call off the bout and Gib taking home the win. 

This isn’t how anyone wanted the fight to end, but it was clear Gib was winning in the exchanges up to the end. Gib, offensively, looked good. Aside from a few wild shots that kept his head wide open, he was doing a great job mixing up his punches and piecing up Austin with combos. On the defensive end, he didn’t look so sound. He left his chin up and head wide open in a lot of exchanges and anyone better than Austin could’ve capitalized on that. That’s something he hopefully worked on going into the semi-finals or he’s going to have a rough night at the hands of Jarvis. 

Jarvis is the smallest man in the tournament and also is one of the men with the least amount of experience with only two fights. But, don’t count out this little tank. Back in 2021, the FaZe Clan gamer stepped into the ring for the first time on Social Gloves YouTube vs. TikTok event. On that card, Jarvis made his debut against TikToker Michael Le. Jarvis looked good for his debut, obviously there were things he could work on, but the power was there and in the fifth round, Jarvis scored a knockout of the night when he put Michael down on the canvas. It seemed like all the hype was surrounding Jarvis after that fight, with fans questioning who could be next. Sadly, due to the ups and downs of COVID-19, Jarvis was forced to take time off. During that time, Jarvis found a permanent home in Las Vegas to train at the famous Mayweather gym with coach Otis Pimpleton. 

Heading into the first round of the KingPyn Boxing tournament, in what would be only his second fight, Jarvis was picked to fight one of the bigger men in the tournament, Tom Zanetti. Yet, Tom also only had one fight heading into the bout, which was a loss to Slim three months beforehand. But, in that fight, Tom showed his toughness and proved he could take a shot, lasting all rounds and losing a decision. Now, it was time for Jarvis to prove that he improved, or he would get shut out. 

The footage came out of Jarvis sparring with Floyd Mayweather Jr, the undefeated legendary boxing champion. But, would that experience translate to the ring against Tom? Well, it seems like it did. As the first-round match began, it was clear that Jarvis worked on his defense. Guard high, bobbing and weaving, great footwork, and never staying directly in front of Zanetti. Every so often, Jarvis would poke out a jab or throw a body shot, but his game plan was clear as day, be technically defensive, and wear his opponent out and that’s exactly what he did. For the first two rounds, Jarvis let Tom throw while he sat back and continued to be defensive. Then, in the third round, Jarvis started to open up more as Tom slowed down. Jarvis was really working over the body shots and eventually, it became too much and Tom quit. He walked over and told his corner to throw in the towel, and they did. Jarvis picked up the third-round victory simply for outworking Tom Zanetti. 

Now, Jarvis and Gib meet face-to-face in the semi-finals. And this is a fight that fans have been clamoring for. Though this is the co-main event, this may be the people’s main event. Gib can throw bombs, and everyone wonders whether or not Jarvis’ defense can handle the shots Gib throws. But, Jarvis has way better defense from what we’ve seen, and if Gib continues to walk forward with his chin high and hands down, there’s a potential that Gib could be put down just like Michael Li. Or, there’s a possibility that Jarvis plays the same game and tries to gas out Gib as he did Tom Zanetti. Can Gib’s cardio hold up? There are a lot of very interesting questions going into this fight, but it was a social media back-and-forth between the two that made things a little bit more interesting. 

Gib’s coach publicly put out that if Gib can’t beat Jarvis, then he might as well retire. Gib then responded saying the stakes are high for the fight, seemingly agreeing with his coach. Then, Jarvis responded and wanted to raise the stakes. Jarvis took to YouTube to say that the stakes he wants are that the loser must quit YouTube boxing forever. Now, will this actually happen? It remains to be seen. But, this does put a lot at risk if the semi-final bout also becomes a career vs. career boxing match. Whether it’s all talk or not, Gib and Jarvis are doing the best out of anyone to promote their fight on social media and the fans have taken notice. The highly anticipated match is just days away and the excitement is at an all-time high. 

Who’s going to the finals? There are so many questions and the answers will be revealed this Saturday in the co-main event of the KingPyn Boxing Semi-Finals live on DAZN at 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. EDT. May the best man win. 

By: Brady Alexander

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