Kingpyn Boxing Go BANKRUPT - Tournament Cancelled, What Happens Now?

Kingpyn Boxing Go BANKRUPT – Tournament & Fights Cancelled, What Happens Now?

Kingpyn Boxing, who had their first show in London on April 22nd has gone bankrupt, HappyPunch Promo has reported. Their next event was planned for July 15th in Dublin

In a surprise to some, but not to others, Kingpyn Boxing has gone bankrupt (according to HappyPunch Promotions on Twitter). Some fans suspected that Kingpyn had monetary issues behind the scenes after their first event had multiple problems on the fight night and had such a huge production that racked up a high budget.

Elle Brooke Exposes Kingpyn Boxing Tournament’s Controversies

The rumours regarding Kingpyn started quickly after their first event with some sly tweets and comments made online on Twitter and in Twitter spaces from notable figures in the scene. There was even a brief back and forth on Twitter 2-3 months ago between KSI and the Kingpyn CEO where the topic was whether Kingpyn were having money issues and Kingpyn being able to ‘afford’ KSI.

The main reason why Kingpyn Boxing has gone bankrupt is most likely due to them paying such a high fee for the fighters on their shows, some of them being multi-million dollar contracts. Then their production budget for their initial promotion for round one being extremely expensive since they used very expensive studios and setups. Such as the BBC studios in London for their tournament draw.

After the news broke, HappyPunch Promotions started a Twitter space for the online Influencer Boxing community to discuss this breaking news in which Keemstar in the space revealed that the first round of the Kingpyn Boxing High Stakes tournament only hit approximately 50,000 PPV buys. Which would be in the realm of a catastrophic failure for the company considering the amount of money that was spent on the event.

Furthermore, there were also rumours of the initial draw for the tournament being rigged as staged rehearsals before the draw revealed some fights that did end up happening in the first round. Meaning people like Austin McBroom were planning to face AnEsonGib only in the tournament anyway.

Influencers’ Reactions to Kingpyn Boxing Going Bankrupt

Shortly after the news broke, many influencers gave their thoughts on the situation.

Jarvis quote tweeted KSI’s tweet saying: “If only there was someone with the resources to make this fight happen”.

FoxTheG tweeted: “If these f*cking fighters don’t start to promote, this scene dies. Kingpyn is exhibit A.”

Keemstar tweeted: “Social Gloves has fallen, Showstar has fallen, Creator clash has fallen, Kingpyn has fallen, Misfits & Happy Punch remains!”

AnEsonGib reacted on Twitter by tweeting himself with a shocked face.

What will the Kingpyn fighters do next?

It is currently unknown what will happen to all of the fighters involved in the Kingpyn Boxing tournament. Although some of them are signed to Misfits Boxing already such as King Kenny and Elle Brooke so they will likely fight on a future Misfits Boxing event. As for AnEsonGib, Whindersson Nunes, and Barbie among others, it is completely unclear where they will go and what they will do next.

What do you think will happen next?

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by Owen Yard