Talented Prospect Khaleel Majid Looks To Fight For Titles In 2023, Reveals Offer To Box On A Matchroom Show And Talks Learning Off Hamzah Sheeraz

Talented Prospect Khaleel Majid Looks To Fight For Titles In 2023, Reveals Offer To Box On A Matchroom Show And Talks Learning Off Hamzah Sheeraz

Talented prospect Khaleel Majid (10-0, 3 KOs) became only the seventh man to stop career journeyman Jamie Quinn in over 150 contests this Saturday in his hometown of Bolton. Majid has fought just ten times in over four years due to the pandemic and injuries, and when he stopped Quinn he did so after a year out of the ring.

Khaleel Majid Believes That He Deserves A Chance On Major Cards After Completing ‘Apprenticeship’

With only two KOs in his nine victories prior, an inside-the-distance win over Quinn was probably not expected but Majid isn’t surprised and sees it as more of an expectation of him. “If I’m not getting these guys out of the ring then I’m not really going anywhere.” He explained to Ring IQ TV “I’ve been working on sitting on my shots more.”

The 25-year-old nicknamed ‘Major’ is a big ticket seller in the Manchester/Bolton area and claims to sell over 600 tickets out of his hands. Like other popular fighters, Majid relishes the opportunity to fight in front of big crowds. ‘There’s no feeling like it when you’re walking out to the crowd and just hear your name being chanted’.

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Majid trains with unbeaten Middleweight contender Hamzah Sheeraz out in LA which he believes is a priceless opportunity for him to improve as a fighter ‘For such a young lad, he’s (Sheeraz) got a very good mindset and he’s very wise. I was learning from him like a sponge.’

The undefeated super lightweight, who has never been scheduled for more than six rounds, wants to really push on with his career now and hopes 2023 can be a big year for him. Majid aims to fight his first eight-rounder in his next contest expected to be in June and then head into 10-round fights.

“As soon as Ramadan’s over, I’m going to be fighting. I want to be active, God willing I can end the year on some kind of title and push on. I want a title and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Majid believes that he has ‘served his apprentice’, in that he has fought on small-hall shows his whole career thus far and now should be on the bigger cards. “This year is my time…(Thoughts on fighting on a Matchroom show) I’m here, I’m ready, Eddie give me them tickets”

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Khaleel Majid’s dream almost came true earlier this year when he found out that Matchroom was going to Liverpool on March 11 and hoped to land a slot on the undercard.

The 25-year-old explains that Matchroom did get back to him and offered a slot on their April 29 Sheffield card but Majid was unable to accept the offer due to fasting/Ramadan. ‘Major’ was also offered the chance to box on another major show in March but the same commitment prevented it.

The Heaton pugilist will look to create some momentum for himself in the latter half of the year and gain some real exposure on Matchroom cards in title action. Majid’s drawing power is very rare and if matched with ability could see him be a staple feature of televised cards in years to come.

By Darshan Desai

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