Kell Brook vs Conor Benn Possible Brook OPEN To Fight, Divulges Sparring Details

Kell Brook vs Conor Benn Possible: Brook OPEN To Fight, Divulges Sparring Details “I Was Bringing The Heat, He Wanted To Get Out”

Kell Brook vs Conor Benn Possible If Eddie Hearn Can Pay The Former Champion Enough Money

With the WBC’s clearing off British star Conor Benn in recent weeks, the 26-year-old welterweight is looking to get his career back on track after almost a year out of the ring.

Hearn would like to reschedule the Benn – Chris Eubank Jr bout but the latter is likely to partake in a rematch with Liam Smith. Both Manny Pacquiao and Conor Benn’s teams have revealed that they are in negotiations to face each other next and a fight with the Filipino legend remains a possibility but another potential opponent has now emerged.

Former world champion Kell Brook was pictured back in the gym yesterday and Benn responded to a suggestion of a fight between the pair with “Last time we tried to make the fight he chose retirement instead. Must have been that sparring session… 🤷🏾‍♂️”

Kell Brook opened up on the sparring session in question and a potential fight with Boxing King Media.

On the sparring session, Brook commented “He knows what happened in that sparring session. We were supposed to do 10 rounds, but he got out after 8 rounds saying that he’s shoulder hurting and this and that cause I was bringing the heat and he didn’t want to be in that fryer, he wanted to get out. He knows what happened”

“Conor’s been putting a few things out there, back and forth, me and him. I’m up for this, if his boss Eddie wants to get in touch with me and pay me for my service, I’ll come out of retirement and show you boy how to do it.”

The Sheffield boxer revealed that now he is back in the gym, he will likely get the urge to fight again and Benn could be the man in the opposite corner if the former IBF world champion could be incentivized financially.

“Forget sparring, Eddie (Hearn) come and see me, we’ll have a discussion. I will get them gloves back out and we will dance as long as them benjamins are right.”

“You know where I am, I’m in Sheffield. Eddie’s got my number, if we sit down, and I get excited, I’ll take my slippers off, put my running shoes back on and I’ll show your boy what time it is.”

By Darshan Desai

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