Kell Brook Bravely Opens Up On Leaked Video

Kell Brook Bravely Opens Up On Leaked Video, Reveals He Was In “Dark Places For A Long Time”

Kell Brook Provides Positive Update “I Understand What My Purpose Is Now”

Former IBF world champion Kell Brook was filmed snorting cocaine at a party in his home this January. The boxer apologised for the video and admitted he was suffering from mental health issues after retiring from the sport.

Brook opened up on how he felt when that video was leaked in an interview posted today with Boxing King Media

“(I was in) Unbelievably dark places for a long time, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. As a fighter, I keep things to myself, the struggles I’ve had to deal with”.

Brook was grateful for the response from his supporters and believes he has benefited from this incident “the world knowing the struggles I had to deal with and reaching out… and getting the help that I needed.”

Although the majority of the public have rightfully criticised the unknown person who leaked the video of Brook, the Sheffield fighter has a different perspective on it. “As we sit here now, I can’t put into words how (I feel about) the guy who did it, one day I’ll actually thank him. I think God did this for a reason and I’m on the up, I feel amazing. I am on the mend.”

The boxing world sent Brook positive messages this February and in his first interview since the incident, with Boxing King Media, he has now positively updated fans on his wellbeing.

“I felt lost, I felt dead, what do I do now, what’s my purpose? I understand what my purpose is now, it’s to help other people in the dark times that they have.”

Brook’s advice to retried boxers going through the same thing was for them “Have positive people” around them, but a small circle. He believes a routine is what is needed and believes he has found this in his training

“I’m feeling the groove, mojos back, I’m enjoying training, I’m enjoying the routine I put together every single day and I work towards that”

By Darshan Desai

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