Jake Paul vs. KSI Is The Fight To Make

Jake Paul vs. KSI Is The Fight To Make

Jake Paul is no longer undefeated following this past Sunday’s main event bout against the still-undefeated, Tommy Fury. Paul lost in a split decision win that many feels should’ve been unanimous for Fury, but Jake did still walk away with the loss. Immediately, Jake Paul called for a rematch and Tommy said that he was down for it. But, is this really the way to go? 

A Misstep For Jake Paul

Despite wanting that rematch for obvious reasons, it’s very clear that Jake Paul just isn’t on the level of a pro boxer like his fans thought he was. If the rematch were to take place, I believe the result would be much of the same. So, could a rematch between Tommy Fury be a misstep in Jake’s career? For one, the undefeated mystique of Jake o Paul is now gone. So, is there really any interest in the rematch that would get them a payday as big as the first bout? Probably not. If Jake were to win, he had his eyes set on MMA icon, Nate Diaz. But, with the loss, that bout seems as pointless as a broken pencil. This leaves one last person for Jake to fight. A fight in which still holds some interest. That’s KSI. 

A Storied Past

The influencer boxing scene really popped off on August 25, 2018. On that night, the brothers went to war as Jake Paul took on Deji in the co-main, while Logan Paul took on KSI in the main event. Jake Paul won his fight and KSI won as well. It was obvious that now, the two winning brothers should fight, but that’s not what happened. KSI and Logan Paul ended up having a rematch, in which KSI won again, whereas Jake Paul moved on to other influencers such as AnEsonGib.

Jake, as we now know, moved on to basketball players and MMA fighters as his opponents, while KSI continued to remain undefeated against influencers and even created his own influencer boxing company with Misfits Boxing on DAZN. While Jake Paul’s rise continued, KSI kept making it clear after every win that he wanted to fight Jake Paul. Not only that, but it’s simply the only fight he wants, and win or lose, KSI would retire from boxing after the fight. Both men have had verbal battles back and forth on social media, with each man trying to one-up the other at all times.

Five years later and both men are still at it verbally, with Jake most recently rubbing it in KSI’s face that he would fight a pro boxer before KSI does. But, it didn’t go as planned. Jake lost to the pro boxer in Tommy Fury and immediately, KSI took to social media to post two separate videos laughing at Jake for losing. Now, despite what you think about the opponent choices, KSI is still undefeated at 5-0-1 while Jake has one loss.

KSI continued his banter by saying that he could easily beat both Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. While neither of them officially responded yet, surely they’d disagree. Jake Paul proved he could not defeat a pro boxer, but the money isn’t in a pro fight. Who is the best influencer boxer? That’s the real question. Jake Paul vs. KSI is the fight to make. The plus five-year history between the two, beating every other influencer that could’ve stood a chance, we’re down to two. For most fans, it was very obvious that Jake Paul and KSI wouldn’t be able to beat an actual professional boxer. But, in the influencer space, there’s no doubt that these two are 1A. and 1B. in the scene. So, who’s the best? Let’s find out. 

The Tommy Fury rematch is irrelevant now. KSI having to prove himself against a pro boxer is also now irrelevant since Jake couldn’t do it. So, the biggest influencer fight is the way to go. Whether it’s in America or in the U.K., fans will show up. People will buy the pay-per-view and an arena could definitely be sold out for this fight alone. The pinnacle of influencer boxing is Jake Paul vs. KSI and that’s what needs to happen. Throw any rematches or new fights out of the window. Both Jake and KSI should get a full camp and fight later this year. Fights are often prolonged way more than they need to be in boxing, but this shouldn’t be. Make the fight. This summer or even later this winter, it needs to be made. 

Jake Paul vs. KSI in 2023 is the money fight. Let’s do it.

By Brady Alexander

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